Nookii Confidential Board Game for Couples

Nookii Confidential

Sometimes a relationship can become a bit stagnant for want of a better word. On the other hand relationships can also be fun and couples want to try different things for a bit of extra spice. We were sent the board game called Nookii Confidential which is a couple’s game and we couldn’t wait to try it as my husband and I are always looking for fun things to do together.

This is the description of Nookii Confidential;

Nookii Confidential is a game of sexy intrigue. It gives you the opportunity to explore another side of you and discover different aspects of your ever-evolving sensual persona.
Nookii works by suggestion, delivering diversity and humour. The different levels of play allow you to explore possibilities on a multitude of fun interaction.
You are on a mission, a mission of love.

Nookii Confidential is a game for two.

Nookii Confidential

Inside the box is, 6 packs of cards, 3 packs for each player. The female cards are red and the male cards are black, each set represents a different level of play.

Rendezvous – preparing for your mission.
Brief Encounter – Brief fun.
Undercover – Mission ends.

Nookii Confidential

There is also 2 dice, a door hanger, timer, a flashlight with 3 applications, UV pen, Blindfold and Lipstick.

The object of the game is to engage in spy shenanigans, complete your mission in your own style and most importantly, enjoy the object of your play.

The 3 different cards means different things, Rendezvous you start of fully dressed, Brief encounter, in your underwear and Undercover, be prepared to get naked.

Nookii Confidential

You have to draw one card from each pack which will be your hand in the game. They are played in the order above. Roll the dice and the person with the highest number starts and they roll the dice again to determine how long you have to play with each card. Once you have had your go it is then your partners go.

The game shouldn’t take any longer than thirty minutes if you can complete it.

Nookii Confidential

We have had a lot of fun with Nookii Confidential, not only is it sexy but it can also help with confidence in the bedroom if you haven’t got much.  Finishing the game can be hard because you have other things on your mind before the finish but we have managed to finish a few times.

Nookii Confidential costs  £24.99 and you can get 20% off using the code Rach1 this code is valid until 18/12/2013

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