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Emily Knight: I AM

Title: Emily Knight: I AM
Author: A. Bello
Genre: Young Adult/Middle Grade/Fantasy
Length: 176 pages
Publisher: Trafford (3 July 2012)


Emily Knight I AM… is about a thirteen year old warrior named Emily, who is far from ordinary and she hates it. She’s the daughter of a heroic warrior and the press’s favourite problem child. Against her wishes she is sent to the Osaki Training School to control her powers. She learns to fly, breathe under water and battle but someone has their eyes set on Emily – can she protect herself…and everything that she loves? Emily Knight I AM… has elements of grittiness that is more mature than other fantasy books. As well as being laugh out loud funny, the characters are real, complicated and relatable. A. Bello pushes the boundaries by breaking the conventions in this diverse, absorbing novel.Emily Knight I AM… is set to be the book that changes kids fantasy. Praise for Emily Knight I AM ‘A true literary gem!’ The Lookhit.com ‘…radical and rebellious yet touching and empowering. A must read!’ Style Biblio ‘…teens will not want to put this book down!’ Chelsea Bravo, Men’s Fashion Designer ‘…a book that better reflects the demographic of British students’ Naomi Adams, Primary School Teacher


Emily Knight: I AM was a fantastic book from the start and kept me gripped. Emily was a typical thirteen year old but she had powers, something most thirteen year olds wish they had.
Emily is sent to Osaki Training School which obviously trains her to use her powers.
I am not going to tell you what happens in the book because it would spoil it for those that want to read it but it is very good.
Well written and you will not be able to put it down.
If you like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games then you will like this!

5 stars must read

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  1. Hayley Todd says:

    I would love to be able to Teleport, as being a very busy mum to 4 extremely hectic children, I regularly need to be everywhere, all at once and this would be an absolute godsend!

  2. John Taggart says:


  3. laura banks says:

    would have to be being invisible

  4. Fiona Matters says:

    Not to age!

  5. Invisibility

  6. I would like to read minds and see what my husband is thinking x

  7. janet haste says:

    Ability to hear through walls/long distance

  8. Invisibility

  9. sarah rees says:

    invisibility or flight :)

  10. Invisibility

  11. Sarah Spencer says:

    Being able to see the future.

  12. hannah oneill says:

    Teleport or time travel

  13. Karla Mayers says:


  14. Julie Picton says:

    To be able to fly

  15. To be able to be invisible

  16. To be invisible, would come in very handy at times.

  17. amanda davis says:

    to fly

  18. Ann MacLean Fleming says:

    to fly

  19. claire woods says:

    Would like to hop to other countries by just clicking my fingers.

  20. I’d love to have the power to be able to be with friends and family when they needed it at the click of my fingers :)

  21. Anthony Clarke says:

    To be like a Chameleon and blend in into any environment.

  22. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    The ability to get on with everyone and see the good points and ignore the bad. :) :D Good luck to everyone x

  23. Laura Pritchard says:

    The ability to plant dreams in other people’s minds.

  24. to click my fingers and have the washing up done for me

  25. The power to heal

  26. jessica agyin says:

    travel in time

  27. Really enjoying reading what your powers would be. I think mine would be teleportation cause I feel like I travel around the whole of London every day!

  28. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I’d like to be able to turn into animals for the day. I’d find out why dogs roll in repulsive things, whether horses enjoy racing and other niggling questions

  29. To be able to read peoples minds

  30. Tammy Tudor says:

    Indestructibility – I could get hurt or die so I would go around doing crazy things and would be able to save people, e.g. stepping in front of a car so someone doesn’t get hit, etc

  31. (Susan) Elaine Broughton says:

    My super power would be invisibility

  32. being able to fly

  33. Nathan Webb says:

    definately Invisibility :) being able to spy on people would be cool!… As long as I can turn my clothes invisible too anyway…

  34. Mickie Bull says:


  35. Nancy Townsend says:


  36. Helen Grayson says:

    To know what people were thinking. :)

  37. eternal life not aging

  38. Greig spencer says:


  39. sarah clarke feltham says:


  40. Invisibility – definitely

  41. Xray Eyes

  42. Jeanette Downing says:

    i work as a health care assistant in a hospital and i would love healing magic x

  43. Angela Morgan says:

    happy wand

  44. Christina Jarrett says:

    Teleportation! :D

  45. Rachel Hartwell says:


  46. Mary Dunlop says:

    being invisible

  47. Rosalind Blight says:

    To click my fingers and have the whole house sparkling clean from top to bottom

  48. David Winter says:

    To be able to create temporary clones of myself and send them to work in my place, while I stay home entering cool competitions like this :)

  49. Natalie White says:

    I’d love to be able to fly!

  50. Kevin Dooley says:

    Travel faster then speed of light.


  52. Eleanor Powell says:

    invisibility would be fun

  53. Ruth Davies says:

    To be able to fly

  54. Lisa Wilkinson says:


  55. Pam Gregory says:

    To heal

  56. jayne underwood says:

    to be invisible!

  57. Paul Witney says:


  58. Sheri Darby says:

    To know what people are thinking

  59. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    To be able to make myself invisible

  60. Rebecca Funnell says:


  61. Lani Nash says:

    I would love to be able to fly

  62. I’d like to be able to stop time

  63. Becci Cleary says:

    Instant Ironing, one snap and its done!! :)

  64. SUSAN L HALL says:

    the ability to fly – i cant drive so it would make life so much easier!

  65. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    to fly!

  66. J.Gallant says:

    To fly

  67. Lindsey Jones says:


  68. Adrian Clarke says:

    Being invisible has got to be the best , just think what you could get up to!

  69. Emily Hutchinson says:

    The ability to teleport

  70. Emily Jane says:

    To eat loads of nice food, and not put on weight.

    I was going to give you a ” Healing power story” But thought everyone would choose that.. So im giong to pick the “NeverEverEVER put on weight power” :) xx

  71. michelle hamilton says:

    fab prize


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