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Almost Mothers Day

This year on the 10th of March which is Mother’s Day, The Flower Council are focussing on all those special Almost Mothers and are offering bouquets to be won over at

So do you know someone who is about to become a mother who you thinks deserves a bouquet on Almost Mother’s Day? Why not pop over to the website now. You may be able to win a bouquet for that special almost mother and surprise her.

Stressed Rach is also getting in on the act though as The Flower Council are also giving away a bouquet to one of my almost mother readers. Maybe you are pregnant or you are a husband or friend that thinks a certain almost mother deserves a bouquet.

All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win.

Giveaway ends Midnight 6th March 2012(so we can get your bouquet delivered in time).
Open to UK Residents only.

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  1. Teddington says:

    Its due mid august – eeek

  2. Leanne Bucknall says:

    August 5th

  3. Alison Barker says:

    My daughters baby is due in July

  4. My friends baby is due May 17th

  5. tamalyn roberts says:

    march 10th

  6. Yvonne Crook says:

    22nd March

  7. laura banks says:

    my friends baby is due in may

  8. Sarah Parkin says:

    23rd March

  9. 24th May

  10. Becky I says:

    My friend’s is due on March 29 – she has had a tough time with it so some flowers might help

  11. Martina says:

    middle of April

  12. Angela Sandhu says:

    april 10th

  13. claire woods says:

    22 may

  14. due late April, but probably arrive end of March

  15. georgina davies says:


  16. 25th March

  17. nov 21st 2012

  18. liz denial says:

    my nephew’s girlfriend in due on 26th March & my best friend on 17th July

  19. sophie buckle says:

    August 27th

  20. Lauren Pilkington says:

    6th August x

  21. 4th August

  22. 28th April and I’m huge!

  23. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    22nd May

  24. Allan Smith says:

    2nd April

  25. clare greenwood says:

    my sister in law has just given birth to a gorgeous baby boy, so she definitely deserves a bouquet!

  26. my friends baby is due in June!

  27. Sarah Mcknight says:

    16th April, 43 days, eek!

  28. Greig spencer says:


  29. my friend at work’s first baby is due in july so this would be nice gift for her :)

  30. sarah clarke feltham says:

    my friends baby due in 6 weeks

  31. cheryl dawn lovell says:

    My sisters baby is due in June :)

  32. Jill Webb says:

    My daughter is due June 9th

  33. Julie Davies says:

    My friends grandchild is due in September

  34. LEAH SULLIVAN says:


  35. Solange says:

    30th June

  36. esther james says:

    My good friends baby is due in July!

  37. Farhana Haque says:

    My sisters Baby due on 14th June 2013

  38. Chris Bell says:

    September 6th – We are so excited and so so scared at the same time!

  39. kristy brown says:

    07.07.13!! More excited than when I had my own ;)

  40. Sarah Smith says:

    April 10th :) super excited, not long now

  41. Julie Picton says:

    04.04.2013 Eeek

  42. jennie jackson says:

    Twins due in April!

  43. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    19th March :)

  44. Rachel Hartwell says:

    3rd May

  45. Rebecca Funnell says:


  46. Leigh Larkin says:

    5th November. Just found out!

  47. Micky Ricketts says:

    My Sisters baby is due in June

  48. Emily Jane says:

    My Sister’s baby boy is due on 21st march!!! Not long!!!! im going to be a auntie wohoooo

  49. I would love this for a young mother to be that I care for in the community

  50. my friend’s is due in late june

  51. Paul Witney says:

    May 12th

  52. Vikki Cross says:

    29th June! x

  53. sarah fleck says:

    My friends baby is due in next couple of months not sure of the exact date though

  54. Mrs JENNY MILLER says:

    My friends baby is due early September.

  55. shane weir says:

    Jun 26th woohoo

  56. Angie Hoggett says:

    May 15th

  57. Esme McCrubb says:


  58. Bex Allum says:

    My friends baby is due early August

  59. dorothy cavender says:

    July 17th 2013

  60. Christine Mutter says:

    My best friends first baby is due in April

  61. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I’m due on 6th June.

  62. Nataliejane says:

    I’m expecting my first baby on 14th June!

  63. Janine Atkin says:

    my friends baby is due next month in april

  64. Darren Nixon says:

    Our baby is due 14th June :)

  65. Ali Thorpe says:

    My new nephew is due on 29th March! :)

  66. Kevin Dooley says:

    20th june

  67. 25th March

  68. Emma Bowes says:

    My cousins baby was due on 22nd March however was born premature on 22nd Feb. He is in intensive care because his intestine has developed outside his body. This is her first baby and she hasn’t even been allowed to hold him, so a bouquet of flowers would be lovely.

  69. katrina walsh says:

    start of july x

  70. Victoria N says:

    21st March – assuming it isn’t late!

  71. mid jan

  72. Lesley Bain says:

    Both my daughters are pregnant! One is due May 23rd and one August 25th :D x

  73. sj wesley says:

    April 7th

  74. Julie Wood says:

    My best friend’s first baby is due in August (just a mere 18 years after I had my first) a long wait and very exciting times x

  75. Charlotte Jones says:

    My friend’s baby is due Mid June :)

  76. Lydia Houghton says:

    My best friend’s baby is due on Easter Sunday… which is rather apt because she’s the same shape as an Easter egg at the minute. ;-)

  77. Katie Swaby says:

    My baby girl is due on 30th June :)

  78. Isabel Marie Baker says:

    My baby is Due in April yay i can not wait :)

  79. Richard Tyler says:

    9th July!

    Woo Hoo!


  80. PENNY RUSSELL says:

    22nd May

  81. Petra Hora says:

    yes, myself! I was due 3.3.2013 so it could be any minite


  1. Win an #AlmostMothersDay Bouquet…

    Stressed Rach is giving away a bouquet to one of the almost mother readers on behalf of The Flower Council Maybe you are pregnant or you are a husband or friend that thinks a certain almost mother deserves a bouquet….

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