What’s For Dinner Tonight? Schwartz 2 in 1 Mediterranean Chicken Pasta

Schwartz_PRODUCT-TASTES-EVEN-BETTER-300x300Dinners can be boring sometimes having the same thing because  trying to find something we all like is getting tougher with a teenager who seems to change her taste in food as often as she puts on make-up (a lot). I also want something that is quick, filling and easy to make as it is now summertime it is getting too hot to stand in the kitchen cooking for too long.

I was given the chance to try out some of Schwartz New 2 in 1 range. I chose to write this post about the Mediterranean Chicken Pasta  and Cheese Crumb Topping. It has a blend of herbs and spices for chicken pasta with a cheesy topping. The sachet is in 2 parts the top has the flavours for the main dish and the bottom has the seasoning for the topping.

I am starting to get very good at chicken dishes in the kitchen when before I used to steer clear of frying chicken as I was worried it wouldn’t be cooked properly so the only chicken I would cook was a roast chicken but I am getting more confident with frying chicken so this was perfect for me to cook for the family.

On the back of the packet is a list of ingredients you will need for the dish and directions are also on there.


  • 1 sachet Schwartz 2in1 Mediterranean Chicken Pasta + Cheesy Crumb Topping Recipe Mixes
  • 1 tbs oil
  • 450g (1lb) boneless, skinless chicken breasts, sliced
  • 1 yellow pepper, chopped
  • 150ml (5fl oz) water
  • 400g tin chopped tomatoes
  • 200g (7oz) pasta, cooked and drained
  • 75g (3oz) Cheddar cheese, grated

When I read this list I was surprised at how little ingredients I actually needed and I had most of it already at home.

I found preparing and cooking the Mediterranean Chicken Pasta really easy.

I started by  turning the hobs and grill on, my oven is all electric and to be honest I hate it as it takes ages to heat up to temperature so they all had to be put on before I started.

I then started slicing the chicken breasts and poured the oil into the frying pan I also prepared a saucepan of hot water ready for the pasta. Once I had sliced the chicken I popped it all into the frying pan and fried it on a low/medium heat mainly to stop it spitting at me if it got too hot. I also added the pasta to the boiling water to cook.

While I was cooking the pasta and the chicken I got a jug and added 150ml of water and mixed in the recipe mix and stirred. I also chopped the yellow pepper and grated 75g of cheese.

Once the chicken was cooked through and browning nicely I added the chopped yellow peppers and left it to cook for another couple of minutes. I then stirred the recipe mix again and poured onto the chicken and added the chopped tomatoes at the same time. I then had a couple of minutes to wait for the pan to come to a simmer so while waiting for that I drained the pasta.

Once the pan was simmering I added the pasta and left it to heat through for a further couple of minutes.

I then poured it all into a dish and opened the seasoning part of the packet and sprinkled it over the top  of the chicken pasta. Finally I added a layer of cheese over the seasoning and popped the dish under the grill for around 5 minutes and that was it.

Easy as Chicken Pasta!

Schwartz 2 in 1 mediterranean chicken pasta


I found this so easy to make and all of the family  including the teenager ate the lot. We enjoyed it that much that we have bought more of the Schwartz 2 in 1 Mediterranean Chicken pasta and we are going to be trying the Chicken Tikka and Crunchy Chicken Bites very soon too.

Schwartz 2 in 1 Mediterranean Chicken Pasta


“This post is an entry for BritMums ‘What’s for Dinner Tonight?’ sponsored by Schwartz. Find out more about the new 2in1 mixes here”


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