Vtech InnoTab 2

Vtech InnoTab 2

We were lucky enough to be chosen to review a Vtech InnoTab 2 in pink and my daughter was very pleased as soon as she saw it because it was pink.

The Vtech InnoTab 2 the learning app tablet is a tablet aimed at children aged 4-9. It is 5 inch touch screen and has educational games, ebooks and lots of fun activities. It also has a microphone and a rotatable camera so the child using it can take photos and videos of themselves and film others just by rotating the camera.

It is great for developing skills in reading, spelling, maths, logic and creativity. It requires  4 x AA batteries that are not included.

Vtech InnoTab 2

Looking at the top of the Vtech InnoTab 2 you will see that each corner is rounded and are rubber which I think is great for children as they do drop and bang things so it is protected. The camera is at the top centre of the tablet. At the top right corner is the On button, on pressing this it makes a little noise so you know it is working. The screen will then light up and start loading. It is really simple to use as once it has loads it will tell you to touch your name to play. There is a little voice that guides you through your choices. You can navigate easily through all of the buttons and if you want to get out of a screen just press the home button which at the bottom centre of the tablet.

On the main screen you can choose from, E-Reader, Games, Art Studio, Camera, Video Recorder. Notes, Calendar, Music, Photos, Videos, Cartridge and Downloads. When you register the Vtech InnoTab 2 you get some free game downloads, we chose Face Race, Ice Escape and Monkey Disco.

Vtech InnoTab 2

Also on the front right-hand side of the tablet you will see two sun signs these control the brightness of the screen. Below that is the microphone. At the bottom right is the volume controls and a question mark which if you press it brings up a help screen.

On the back of the VTech InnoTab 2 is a cartridge port, and battery compartment which the door will not open unless you switch the lock lever. You can also add an SD card in the battery compartment. There is also a stand that slides out and a stylus holder and a back up battery is behind the stand.

Vtech InnoTav 2

You can plug the tablet into a computer or laptop via USB and plug the tablet into the mains with an adapter (sold separately). Finally there is jack for plugging your headphones in.

My daughter has been using the Vtech InnoTab 2 almost every day at some point. She loves to play the games on it especially the Face Race and Ice Escape. Ice Escape is great as she has to use her logic to play it to get through to the next part. We have bought an adapter for it as cheap batteries die quickly in it.

Vtech InnoTab 2

She also loves to take photos and videos of the family and play with the Art Studio.  It is fantastic to take on car journeys as she is distracted with it the whole time so we are not being asked constantly “Are we there yet?”.

Vtech InnoTab 2

She is now asking for ebooks to be put on it so we will be purchasing some of those for her very soon.

This is a great children’s tablet as she cannot get on the internet so she is safe playing it alone without supervision. It is a great learning tool and perfect for travelling or taking on holiday or just playing at home before bed. I would definitely recommend it.


Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. The review is my own personal opinions and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Fab review as always. We have innotabs for the boys. Love how films can be put on sd card and as you said safe that they can’t get on the internet. A must have! Xx

  2. great review, you get to test out some fun stuff.


    It is a great product – good review :) xoxo

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