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When I think of Vaseline I think of pots of it and babies  but Vaseline is so much more these days. They have more different products in their range including Vaseline Cocoa Butter  Gel Body Oil and Vaseline 2-in-1 Hand Cream + Anti-Bac. I was sent both of these products to try out and here is what I thought about them.

The Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil comes in a 200ml bottle the oil is clear and has a slight cocoa buttery scent to it which I expected as it is made with pure cocoa butter.  My skin felt awful before I started using this as I never moisturise. I know I am terrible but I do not have time to add moisturiser etc, I literally just wash and go.

I started applying this to my skin after my shower as the brazil nut oil locks in moisture which I honestly needed. The Almond oil being high in minerals and antioxidants also leaves the skin feeling pampered. When applying I only needed a minimal amount as it is oil a little bit goes a long way and I didn’t want to feel greasy all day or night. The main areas I concentrated on were my thighs, bum and tum.

After a few times using it I noticed my skin feeling a lot softer and smoother, I was happy with those result so I started using it all over and now all of my skin feels a lot softer and looks better.  The only time I have not used it is on really warm days as my arms and legs are on show most of the time and the fact I get burnt in the sun regardless whether I use super high sun screen or sun block I didn’t want to risk the sun catching the oil even though it had soaked in.


I am really pleased with Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil and when I have run out I will definitely be purchasing more The Vaseline 2-in-1 Hand Cream + Anti Bac is my new favourite product, not only is it a hand cream which I use a lot as my hands seem to get dry really quickly but it is also an anti bacterial cream too. So every time I use it not only do I get moisturised hands but I also am germ free too.

Since having this I have used a lot of it. I have about a quarter of the tube left. I use it every time I have done the washing up or used cleaning products or just when I have washed my hands in general.  My hands have felt in a better condition since using this and I even pop it in my bag when I go out so I can use it on the go. The tube is 75ml and it is small enough to put in my bag although I do have a big bag when I am out with the children but it is so worth taking out with me so my hands feel nice all day.

Both are available from all leading supermarkets and chemists including Superdrug and Boots.  RRP £5.10 for Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil and RRP £3.29 for Vaseline 2-in-1 Hand Cream + Anti Bac.


Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review. The review is my own personal opinions and not influenced in any way.

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