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Triqo Box Set

We received a Triqo Box Set which had 100 pieces in it to review for my six year old daughter.

Triqo are shaped pieces of plastic that have flexible tags on the sides top and bottom with holes that and each piece of Triqo can be clipped to another piece.

In the box were 60 triangle pieces, 40 square pieces, all of the pieces are different colours and they are bright colours. There was also a sheet which has lots of different ideas on it of what to make using the Triqo.


It is a 3D construction toy.

My daughter opened the box and looked at the sheet and chose to make something that looked like a carousel and she also made a 3D triangle.

Triqo Triangle

We did find that my daughter struggled clipping the pieces together and needed help frequently with this. Even myself and my husband struggled when we were trying to clip pieces together that were inside the 3D project. I expect that this will get easier the more that the pieces are clipped together and unclipped though. Luckily this did not put my daughter off and she continued to build various things.


She plays with Triqo a lot, she loves making this and I love that she would rather be playing with the Triqo set rather than cutting paper up into tiny pieces.

Not only is Triqo fun but it is also educational, used in Maths lessons in Australia, they are good for numeracy, literacy and spacial awareness.

It is actually amazing on what you can actually make using just two different shapes, triangles and squares. Another good thing about Triqo is that it is not just a single persons construction toy but lots of children can join in, plus adults too if they want to.

It Is suitable for children aged 4-5 and up however I would probably say it should be for children a little older, maybe 6 or 7 as the pieces can be difficult to clip together.

Triqo is a fun, educational and creative toy that children will enjoy. The possibilities are endless.

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We are giving away a 50 piece Triqo box set to one lucky winner which includes 30 x Triangles, 20 x squares in 10 bright colours.

Open to UK residents only
Ends midnight 18th March 2013

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  1. Joy Dehany says

    I prefer kids to play with this kind of thing :) My eldest had things like this, and now they are excellent problem solvers.

  2. jo glasspool says

    Wow these are fab! Great for all ages and really gets the kids thinking and their creative side comes out. Great for mum’s too! 😉

  3. Angela McDonald says

    This looks brilliant! I remember something similar to this being around when i was little. I prefer my daughter to play with things like this as it helps to build a creative imagination :)

  4. Linda Guest says

    so brilliant for my grandchild. Challenging and fun. Much better than watching TV or playing on games. Love it

  5. Elizabeth Smith says

    Glad they don’t have an upper age range because they look like just the thing for fiddling with in front of the TV when the programmes are less than engrossing

  6. nichola armstrong says

    my little ones love playing with things like this.. not only is it creative play they also can learn how to build things, colours etc.. they love all this kind of play.

  7. sarah davison says

    I’ve never seen these before. My two girls would love these. I could see these keeping them entertained for hours.

  8. Amy Hart says

    Oh my! I’ve been looking for these, but I didn’t know the name of them! I would love to win a set for my little guy :)

  9. Isabel O'Brien says

    It looks too hard for me but my brother would spend ages playing with it. He’s quite a bit clever than me already!


  10. Melanie Dye says

    My 5yo daughter played with this at a friend’s house recently and said she really liked it and that it was better than lego because you can do more things with it.

  11. Fiona Matters says

    I had something really similar when I was a kid (not as good of course) and I just loved it. Would love to win this.

  12. Caroline S says

    things like this and Lego are so much better for kids than being glued to game consoles all the time. I think it’s brilliant that companies are still making toys of this kind and inventing new variations because we owe it to the future generations to give them the best start in life possible.

  13. Donna Towner says

    I think my son and niece would have great fun playing with these and it would help with the hand eye co-ordination

  14. Chris Fliss says

    These look amazing, bet will keep the children occupied for hours and so nice to see a construction toy that doesn’t consist of bricks :-)

  15. laura samantha avery says

    These look fab , i’ve not seen them before. My son is learning about 3d construction at the moment so whould be prefect, thanks for the prize xx

  16. Zoe Coen says

    I would love this for my son as her has started to do this sort of stuff at school which he is enjoying and it would be great for him to do it at home as well when he has homework related to this


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