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Triqo Box Set

We received a Triqo Box Set which had 100 pieces in it to review for my six year old daughter.

Triqo are shaped pieces of plastic that have flexible tags on the sides top and bottom with holes that and each piece of Triqo can be clipped to another piece.

In the box were 60 triangle pieces, 40 square pieces, all of the pieces are different colours and they are bright colours. There was also a sheet which has lots of different ideas on it of what to make using the Triqo.


It is a 3D construction toy.

My daughter opened the box and looked at the sheet and chose to make something that looked like a carousel and she also made a 3D triangle.

Triqo Triangle

We did find that my daughter struggled clipping the pieces together and needed help frequently with this. Even myself and my husband struggled when we were trying to clip pieces together that were inside the 3D project. I expect that this will get easier the more that the pieces are clipped together and unclipped though. Luckily this did not put my daughter off and she continued to build various things.


She plays with Triqo a lot, she loves making this and I love that she would rather be playing with the Triqo set rather than cutting paper up into tiny pieces.

Not only is Triqo fun but it is also educational, used in Maths lessons in Australia, they are good for numeracy, literacy and spacial awareness.

It is actually amazing on what you can actually make using just two different shapes, triangles and squares. Another good thing about Triqo is that it is not just a single persons construction toy but lots of children can join in, plus adults too if they want to.

It Is suitable for children aged 4-5 and up however I would probably say it should be for children a little older, maybe 6 or 7 as the pieces can be difficult to clip together.

Triqo is a fun, educational and creative toy that children will enjoy. The possibilities are endless.

You can purchase Triqo from

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We are giving away a 50 piece Triqo box set to one lucky winner which includes 30 x Triangles, 20 x squares in 10 bright colours.

Open to UK residents only
Ends midnight 18th March 2013

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  1. Joy Dehany says:

    I prefer kids to play with this kind of thing :) My eldest had things like this, and now they are excellent problem solvers.

  2. Nuala Rees says:

    ohhh let it be me x my little boy would love it.

  3. Patrick Oulton says:

    Looks like a great toy

  4. Gary Topley says:

    This would keep my daughter occupied hopefully for hours :) x

  5. Abby Carroll says:

    great toys to play with

  6. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    looks grea

  7. abigail edkins says:

    Ive heard this is cool

  8. Allan Smith says:

    Brill giveaway!

  9. sarah clarke feltham says:

    this looks a great toy and my children would love it

  10. Thanks for running the giveaway

  11. anthony harrington says:

    looks greta, have heard good reviews on this

  12. kim plant says:

    this is fantastic x

  13. EMMA WALTERS says:


  14. Frances hopkins says:


  15. Tracy Hanley says:

    Looks so much fun

  16. ashleigh says:

    looks great fun!

  17. laura banks says:

    looks a fab toy

  18. sian hallewell says:

    Great excuse to join in the fun if the little one needs a hand. Crossing my fingers

  19. I’d never heard of this before…looks brilliant!

  20. Ann MacLean-Fleming says:

    Looks brilliant… my daughter would love it and it would really help her maths

  21. melanie stirling says:

    This would keep my nephew busy,he loves things like this :)

  22. sophie spiby says:

    My son would love this toy.

  23. Angela Sandhu says:

    my niece would love to play with this

  24. jo glasspool says:

    Wow these are fab! Great for all ages and really gets the kids thinking and their creative side comes out. Great for mum’s too! ;)

  25. Angela McDonald says:

    This looks brilliant! I remember something similar to this being around when i was little. I prefer my daughter to play with things like this as it helps to build a creative imagination :)

  26. Dorothee77 says:

    I did not know this brand! Thanks for the giveaway

  27. Sarah Smith says:

    oh my daughter would love this, love inspirational items like this

  28. justine meyer says:

    Wow these look great

  29. Great Problem solving toy

  30. Great prize

  31. Caroline H says:

    I saw this recently and was intrigued. Looks like it could provide lots of fun and challenges.

  32. jane greenfield says:

    great giveaway

  33. PENNY RUSSELL says:

    Looks like a fabulous toy

  34. Rachel Hartwell says:


  35. Linda Guest says:

    so brilliant for my grandchild. Challenging and fun. Much better than watching TV or playing on games. Love it


    imagination and creativity combined….perfect

  37. Lisa Day says:

    Looks like a great toy and hours of fun :).

  38. Kieran Walsh says:

    Morning, thank you and the sponsors, for great prizes, have a great weekend

  39. claire woods says:

    It sounds like fun making things with these.

  40. Cheryl Kean says:

    looks amazing, never mind the kids let me play with it! xx

  41. Martina says:

    Should help with learning shapes

  42. Leanne Timmins says:

    This looks like fun actually! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Looks fantastic my son will have to wrestle it off me if we win.

  44. Becky John says:

    looks great fun

  45. Darren Collins says:

    This looks fantastic :)

  46. Yvonne Crook says:

    What a great prize. This reminds me a bit of the Meccano my brothers used to play with

  47. Please enter me,this looks great fun

  48. S Edwards says:

    My little ones would love making things with this :)

  49. What a superb prize.

  50. This looks great – might even let the kids have a go

  51. Looks like a fantastic educational toy.

  52. Great stuff! I should love to win this for my grandson.

  53. sarah rees says:

    great prize! :)

  54. Tammy Tudor says:

    This would provide hours of entertainment!

  55. hannah oneill says:

    These are great!

  56. Daisymaebee Griffin says:

    Super prize. I think that Daddy would enjoy playing with this as much as the kids.xx

  57. Susan Sargent says:

    A great prize

  58. Saran Benjamin says:

    What a lovely prize x My nephew would love it x

  59. Diane Hicklin says:

    I’d never heard of these before – looks interesting

  60. Lovely Giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance!!

  61. Hayley Fountain says:

    great giveaway, thankyou x

  62. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Glad they don’t have an upper age range because they look like just the thing for fiddling with in front of the TV when the programmes are less than engrossing

  63. Jo welsh says:

    Great giveaway perfect for little hands and minds.

  64. John Taggart says:

    My grandsons would love this :-)

  65. belinda porter says:

    my grandchildren would love this

  66. julie baxter says:

    my kids would have hours of fun with this :)

  67. My son would love this :)

  68. Phyllis Ellett says:

    What a great idea, thanks for the giveaway

  69. Anne Wallwin says:

    this would be ideal for my son – he loves making things

  70. would love this for my son

  71. nichola armstrong says:

    my little ones love playing with things like this.. not only is it creative play they also can learn how to build things, colours etc.. they love all this kind of play.

  72. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    Cool prize, my kids’ll love this

  73. Good Luck everyone!!!

  74. Great prize for my little pests

  75. Gabrielle Svensson says:

    It looks like a very interesting toy that would be played with for many years

  76. sarah davison says:

    I’ve never seen these before. My two girls would love these. I could see these keeping them entertained for hours.

  77. Amy Hart says:

    Oh my! I’ve been looking for these, but I didn’t know the name of them! I would love to win a set for my little guy :)

  78. Isabel O'Brien says:

    It looks too hard for me but my brother would spend ages playing with it. He’s quite a bit clever than me already!


  79. Laura Pritchard says:

    My son loves building things so I’d love to win this for him!

  80. Melanie Dye says:

    My 5yo daughter played with this at a friend’s house recently and said she really liked it and that it was better than lego because you can do more things with it.

  81. Fiona Matters says:

    I had something really similar when I was a kid (not as good of course) and I just loved it. Would love to win this.

  82. I really love the look of these – thank you for chance

  83. elaine stokes says:

    forget the kids i would have hours of fun with this x x x x x x x x x x

  84. ashley gourlay says:

    wow my nephew would love this he has aspergers and loves these types of toys

  85. This looks a brilliant toy!

  86. Jennifer Toal says:

    I would enjoy playing with this myself

  87. Anne KIAZ Brookes says:

    These look really good xx

  88. Sue McCarthy says:

    Looks like an interesting toy to keep them amused!

  89. nikki cook says:

    these look fab and lots of fun!

  90. Mark Richmond says:

    Not seen this before – looks great!!

  91. carol egan says:

    Looks like it could provide lots of fun and challenges

  92. looks really good fun

  93. vanessa crowley says:

    great prize

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  95. jessica agyin says:

    great giveaway love it

  96. Mickie Bull says:

    Awesome giveaway!

  97. vicki hennie says:

    I know me and the kids could have alot of creative fun with this set :)

  98. This looks fun and so different! Love it x

  99. Jesse Partington says:

    Thank you for your review of the toy.

  100. valerie mccarthy says:

    fantastic competition. Thank you.

  101. Nataliejane says:

    This looks like a great product!

  102. alan davies says:

    looks like a great prize to win

  103. Caroline S says:

    things like this and Lego are so much better for kids than being glued to game consoles all the time. I think it’s brilliant that companies are still making toys of this kind and inventing new variations because we owe it to the future generations to give them the best start in life possible.

  104. Julie Picton says:

    Fab prize

  105. Veronica Therawati says:

    Looks fun to play it!

  106. shane weir says:

    Looks fun to play it!

  107. Blake Ahearne says:

    great toys

  108. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    My son and grandson would have hours of fun with this

  109. James Holyland says:

    Looks good quality toy

  110. my children are slightly older but are still intrigued by a great puzzle :)

  111. Claire Butler says:

    i think my son would love this

  112. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    A great alternative to Lego

  113. Christine Caple says:

    I know some children who would love this

  114. Deborah Wheeler says:

    looks like a great prize

  115. John Naylor says:

    Hope I win! x

  116. Donna Towner says:

    I think my son and niece would have great fun playing with these and it would help with the hand eye co-ordination

  117. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Great prize. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  118. Farhana Haque says:

    Love brain engaging toys

  119. looks good fun for the kids, would be nice for them to get off the computer for a bit and play with this :)

  120. Nicola McC says:

    Excellent giveaway!

  121. Matt Hudson says:

    These look interesting, never heard of them before reading this!

  122. Tracey Bradford says:

    Looks great, would love to win this for my niece

  123. Jenette ogborn says:

    i think this woukld be great for my autistic nephew x

  124. Lucy robinson says:

    What a fab prize. My daughter would love these.

  125. This looks really fun, we love anything building creative in our house

  126. That would be brilliant for my son :)

  127. kristy brown says:

    Fantastic giveaway! Thank you

  128. Chris Fliss says:

    These look amazing, bet will keep the children occupied for hours and so nice to see a construction toy that doesn’t consist of bricks :-)

  129. SUSAN L HALL says:

    fab puzzle

  130. Looks like a lovely educational toy!

  131. Angela Wilcox says:

    Great prize, our son would love this :)

  132. Christina Jarrett says:

    This looks so much fun! (For the kids..and me!) :D

  133. claire rumble says:

    These look like I’d have fun with it hehe

  134. Kelly Tobin says:

    These look great, never seen them before. Have tweeted too x

  135. Eleanor Jones says:

    Would love to win!

  136. Eleanor Powell says:

    these look like great fun

  137. Amanda Norwood says:

    Would be a great gift for my niece!

  138. Ian Yates says:

    Good luck to all.

  139. joanne liddement says:

    Looks like a great game to get children thinking

  140. Petra Hora says:

    This will be for my son, excellent present.

  141. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Looks fun, my son loves to build things.

  142. Looks like a set we had as kids that was made of card.

  143. Matt Baker says:

    This looks really good – my daughter would love it!

  144. Leeann m says:

    My daughter would love this

  145. Lesley Bain says:

    I really like the look of this toy, it looks like it would be educational as well as fun :)

  146. Paula Phillips says:

    These look great thanks.

  147. Hollie Adlam says:

    I really like the looks of this, educational and fun!

  148. mummyandherkids says:

    Educational and fun. Perfect

  149. claire griffiths says:

    these look great my kids would love them

  150. Justine Powell says:

    I fancy playing with that myself

  151. Janine Atkin says:

    fab prize. so much nicer than watching telly!

  152. Great toy to help develop a young brain

  153. Stephen Catt says:

    My niece would love this

  154. Anthea Holloway says:

    I love these construction type toys – just the thing for my little granddaughter!

  155. Laura Finch says:

    Great for little developers

  156. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    Fun but educational, so both parents and children are happy. Good luck to everyone x

  157. tracy horrex says:

    Great game educational as well my little girl would love it.

  158. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    This looks like a great toy! :-)

  159. My son would love this! :)

  160. Sally Poole says:

    Great Giveaway, Thankyou

  161. Tracey Tedford says:

    looks great fun

  162. Elzbieta Kozak says:

    great for brain development! I love it!

  163. claire little says:

    this looks fantastic and also looks like it would keep my kids entertained for a while

  164. Kirsty Fox says:

    My boys wouldlove this, please count me in

  165. Sheri Darby says:

    This looks great fun

  166. laura pyper says:

    fab educational game would love to try these out :)

  167. Lani Nash says:

    Great giveaway!

  168. DAWN TOTTON says:

    This looks great. Good luck everyone x

  169. Pam Gregory says:

    This looks great!

  170. David and Claire P says:

    This looks great fun for the kids

  171. Joanna Smith says:

    What a fantastic idea!

  172. Sarah Parker says:

    would love to win :)

  173. Fantastic comp :-)

  174. Jane Middleton says:

    Lovely prize

  175. Emily Jane says:

    Sounds like a lovely set to me!!! But i bet my little boy would love it even more <3

  176. Joanna Sawka says:

    Nice prize. Count me in, please.

  177. Nicola White says:

    lovley prize thankyou fo rthe chance x

  178. Elizabeth Williams says:

    fab giveaway

  179. amanda davis says:

    great giveaway

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    great set which I hadn’t seen before, my son would love this.

  181. Kate Sabin-Burns says:

    great competition! Thanks

  182. Rosalind Blight says:

    wow me and my daughter would have hours of fun with this

  183. Rachel Marr says:

    Fantastic and educational, will also encourage kids to use their imagination.

  184. leighanne palfrey says:

    great comp , would love to win this :O)

  185. Natalie White says:

    Looks great :)

  186. this looks fab for my boys

  187. FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    Would be good for maths homework.

  188. Rachael Donovan says:

    I would love to play with these! im sure my boys would share with me :-)

  189. Kelly Hirst says:

    This looks fabulous

  190. Samantha R says:

    looks great, very different

  191. Caroline Hammond says:

    These look fantastic, my 4 boys would love it

  192. Ann Willers says:

    My grandson would love this a great way to stimulate creativity and imagination

  193. Wendy Guy says:

    Great to play with and educational too.

  194. Val Pownall says:

    What a fantastic set! Ideal for our little one – certainly more entertaining than the tv!

  195. laura samantha avery says:

    These look fab , i’ve not seen them before. My son is learning about 3d construction at the moment so whould be prefect, thanks for the prize xx

  196. Adam Reed says:

    Think I might buy this for the little un

  197. Lindsey Jones says:

    This looks so fun.

  198. Nicola Holland says:

    What a fabulous prize ;)

  199. victoria thurgood says:

    my son would love this

  200. siobhan marie says:

    ooo this looks fun xx

  201. Kelly Roberts says:

    looks good my kids would enjoy something like this

  202. This looks amazing, would love to win for my boy.

  203. I would love this for my son as her has started to do this sort of stuff at school which he is enjoying and it would be great for him to do it at home as well when he has homework related to this

  204. Alisa Moore says:

    would love to win


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