This Time 16 Years Ago

This time 16 years ago I was in labour at 20 years old I hadn’t been to any antenatal classes so relied on my mum and videos to tell me how it would all plan out.

My mum who was living with me at the time had been working nights and hadn’t slept for over 36 hours and was planning to catch up on her sleep that night.

Things didn’t quite go to my mum’s plan when I got up at 3.15am when my waters broke so I had to wake my partner and my mum up. The funny thing was we had arranged for my aunt to take me to the hospital as neither mum nor partner could drive but my aunt wasn’t answering the phone. My partner started panicking and was like a headless chicken running around.  My mum and I were fine drinking a cup of tea, calm as ever. I had no pain at this point, and had rang the hospital and told them I would be there when my ride arrived. While waiting.

I think I got to the hospital about 6am and I was only 2cm dilated I thought great I’m going to be here forever as I had read stories of it taking a long time to go from 2cm to pushing. I had started getting small pains as we pulled up to the hospital.

The pains started getting stronger really quickly and I was naïve I was sure I would be able to handle it. OMG I was in pain like never before. The Midwife checked on me again and I was begging for pain relief.

I was also told there was a chance that baby had poo’d, I remember thinking “Gross” but the midwife didn’t seem bothered so nor was I.

At about 11am I was checked and I was 5cm dilated, half way there but it had taken 5 hours to dilate 3cm I was in for a lot more pain and a lot longer labour. I was given the pain relief and it still hurt!

Why don’t they tell you that it does not relief the pain or stop it, it just makes you sleepy and doped up.

12pm I needed to push, I told the midwife I needed to push, she told me not to push but my body was going for it even though I tried to stop it.

She checked me and I was 10cm she was really shocked I had dilated the final 5cm in a hour and allowed me to push.

Things started getting scary as I was trying to push the baby’s heartbeat decelerated and it was getting worse with every push,  baby’s head was stuck and the decel’s we going down to 0 bpm, bleeping machines, I was scared, really scared.

I remember a man who was HUGE come into my room and was telling me if baby doesn’t come in the next few pushes I would have to have a c-section.  I was given an episiotomy and pushed a couple more times and out baby came at 12.52pm a GIRL weighing 6lb 12oz a perfect little bundle.


Today is her 16th Birthday, the time has flown by as it doesn’t seem 16 years ago I brought her into the world. She is now a beautiful young lady who makes me proud every day.

Happy Birthday Tiff!



  1. Marion Weir says

    I was very lucky with my labours, the longest was 1 hour. With my last pregnancy I was advised to go into hospital and be induced so that I wouldn’t have another quick labour. I was taken in on the Thursday and promised I would be induced on the Friday, as is the way they had too many emergency deliveries that day so promised to induce on Monday. My husband was desperate to be at the birth as he had “missed” the others, so rather than wasting money on fares etc. I told him not to bother visiting over the weekend. But on Saturday night (after staying up late and the nurses telling us to go to bed at 12.09) I was rushed to delivery room at 12.15 and had my daughter at 12.16 (just inside the door lol). The nurses weren’t best pleased and neither was my husband lol he wouldn’t believe me and phoned the hospital to confirm. When I went into the sitting room that morning all the other Mums-to-be I had been talking to the night before wouldn’t stop talking about how lucky I was lol. 😀

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