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Theft Is Legal

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Title: Theft Is Legal: Gain Perspective from 13 Economic Stories and Concepts
Author: Svetoslav S. Elenkov
Genre: Non-Fiction Business/ Economics/Inflation


Those of us who have always lived in America speak of the economic “crashes” our country has experienced and survived. However, we have never experienced genuine economic collapse, or the terrifying reality of a country where central banking and inflation have led to anarchy. Author Svetoslav Elenkov gives a uniquely valuable first-hand account of life in a country torn apart by economic disaster, and shows the connections between money, central banking, inflation, and the real impact on everyday people of corrupt and short-sighted government policies. Experience what it is like to live in a world where violence erupts as protests are ignored; where the powerful send men armed with shields and batons to assault citizens innocently celebrating at a party. Immerse yourself in a world where government buildings are attacked, where AK-47s open fire, where RPGs wreak havoc. Learn about what causes these extreme conditions, and what we, as citizens, need to know about both prevention and survival in a worst-case scenario.


I didn’t know really what to expect from the book Theft Is Legal as the book description talked about America’s economic crashes that the country has experienced and survived. As I am from the UK I really do not pay attention to things like that in the news and have no clue what it is all about if I hear about it anyway. I was really surprised with his book as the author Svetoslav S Elenkov explained things that would normally go right over my head in a way that I could understand them.

The author starts his book by talking about hyperinflation, where he was going to school on a Monday morning and his dad gave him 20 leva for a pastry but when he goes to buy the pastry the price of it is 25 leva. So the next day he is given 40 leva but the pastries have gone up again and were now 50 leva. His dad keeps giving him more money every day but he still does not have enough leva to buy a pastry. By Friday the pastries had gone up to 1000 leva now that is hyperinflation. The book also explains capitalism and socialism and different scenarios.
In fact for a book I thought would not be my thing I found it very interesting and I learnt a lot from it.

5 stars

Available to purchase at Amazon | B&N | Outskirts Press

Book also available on Kindle, Nook, and soon for the iPad.

SlavyAbout The Author:

Svetoslav S Elenkov is an author who has lived through Communism, Socialism and Corrupt Capitalism. He writes to expose life under oppression. He writes because he believes in free markets, individual freedom, and sound money. He writes to warn of the dangers of government social programs and laws, central banking, and money monopolization and manipulation. Join his cause. (or as found at

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