The Slither Sisters by Charles Gilman | Book Review

The Slither Sisters

Title: The Slither Sisters (Tales From Lovecraft Middle School #2)
Author: Charles Gilman
Genre: Children, 9 +
Length: 160 pages
Publisher: Quirk Books (15 Jan 2013)


Two-headed monsters, giant tentacles, angry demons – Lovecraft Middle School is great creepy fun! – Ransom Riggs, author of “Miss Peregrine’s Home” for Peculiar Children. This second novel in the “Tales from Lovecraft Middle School” series begins right where Professor Gargoyle ended. Seventh-grader Robert Arthur has discovered that two of his classmates are actually sinister snake-women in disguise. Even worse, his new middle school is full of gates to a terrifying alternate dimension – a haunted mansion full of strange spirits and monstrous beasts. For Robert to protect his teachers and classmates, he’ll need to return to this haunted dimension with his best friends Glenn and Karina. Can they uncover the secrets of Lovecraft Middle School before it’s too late? “The Slither Sisters” features more bizarre beasts, more strange mysteries, and more adventure. It’s perfect for readers ages 10 and up. Best of all, the cover features a state-of-the-art morphing photo portrait – so you can personally witness the sisters transforming into their slithering alter egos. You won’t believe your eyes!

The Slither Sisters


I received a hardback copy of The Slither Sisters the front cover was a hologram which when moved it changed from normal looking sisters albeit a bit grumpy looking but when moved they had snakes as hair and demon eyes.
After reading book one in the series I was delighted to receive the second book The Slither Sisters to review too.
The book features, Robert, Glenn and Karina and carries on from the first book. Sisters Sarah and Sylvia were kidnapped and then returned but all is not right. Robert, Glenn and Karina know why but how do they bring the real sisters soles back from the other dimension?
I was hooked again and it took me little time to read the book, I just could not put it down. It is freaky, scary at times and there is also adventure.
You could read The Slither Sisters as a stand alone book however I would recommend you read book one before this one as they are just great!
I am really liking the strange school that is Lovecraft Middle School. I am eagerly awaiting Teacher’s Pest which is book 3 in the series and out in May 2013.

Available to purchase in Hardback, Kindle and audo download

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