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When I heard that Tamagotchi’s were back I wondered how different they would be from the Tamagotchi’s that started the craze off back in the 1990’s and also wondered what my 7 year old daughter would think about it.

We were sent one to review and my daughter of course wanted to play with it there and then, typical child.

IMG_0161Tamagotchi’s have changed but not so much as I would have thought with 20 years since the originals came out. The Tamagotchi Friends unit is bulkier which is a good thing as it is easier to hold. Instead of the watch batteries that the older models had they now use 2 x AAA batteries, which is again a great thing aass the batteries are more reasily available and they last longer but the batteries are not included.

The actual Tamagotchi itself is much the same as the older models, it’s still black and white aged  pixel screen, I was hoping as time had gone by that it would have made it to colour by now and more up to date. This does not seem to bother my 7 year old though.
All of the Tamagotchi’s hatched on the Tamagotchi friends turn into either girls or boys but start off quite odd, we have had what looks like a ladybug, a ghost and a ball of fluff.


The aim of Tamagotchi Friends is to raise your Tamagotchi as well as you can, feeding it, playing games with it and generally taking care of it. The games are easy enough for any 6+ year old to play.
What makes this completely different from the older Tamagotchi’s is you can now connect one Tamagotchi Friend to a friend’s one and they can play together and earn BFF points, you can also text your friends using the bump connection.

You can also collect jewelry and add it to your jewelry box, these are given out randomly by bumping, nurturing your  Tamagotchi Friend and also by buying it from the shop.


My daughter likes playing with hers a lot and although her first one packed it’s bags and left, her second one is still going strong. I do not like it bleeping all day while she is at school so she now puts it on pause until she gets home which is an ingenious idea.

Tamagotchi Friends are available to purchase for around £24.


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