Win Cloudbabies Goodies


Cloudbabies is a new TV series for preschoolers shown on CBeebies.  It is about four childlike characters, Baba Pink, Baba Yellow, Baba Blue and Baba Green. Who looks after the sky? The Cloudbabies do! Whatever the weather, every morning they jump on their Skyhorsies and begin their busy day’s work looking after the sky and their Sky Friends: Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Fuffa Cloud and Little Star. If you have little ones and watch CBeebies I am sure you have seen {Read More}

Christmas Treats for Dogs

It seems that at Christmas time dogs can sometimes be left out when it comes to presents. Well not in my house I always buy them a couple special things and wrap them up so they can join in with opening presents like the rest of the family. I was sent three products from Poundworld. First was the Dog Chew Advent Calendar which has 24 small windows and one large one for Christmas day. In each window there is 24 {Read More}

Moon Dough Snack Shop

We were sent a Moon Dough Snack Shop to review from Blog-Match . My daughter is 5 and she has been asking for Moon Dough for a while after seeing various adverts on the television. What’s in the box: 1 magical moulding snack shop, 1 handle, 1 accessory holder, 1 ice cream base, 1 ice cream plunger, 2 ice cream cones, 1 scoop, 1 pretzel maker, 2 popcorn boxes, 1 bag of 35.4g white, 1 bag of 17.7g yellow and {Read More}

Pig Goes Pop! Game

We were given the Pig Goes Pop! game to review from Drumond Park. Contents: 1 Piggy Chef 4 Purple Burgeres 4 Red Burgers 4 Yellow Burgers 4 Green Burgers 1 Dice All instructions are on the back of the box. The game is for 2-6 players and for aged 4+ My daughter is five and has seen this game advertised on the TV recently so she knew what it was about before receiving it. We took it out of the {Read More}

Petite Harumika

We were sent a Bandai Petite Harumika set. In the packet there was: 7cm miniature dress form A stylus 1 piece material 1 piece of lace 3 belts A sheet with 4 gems My daughter is a proper girl she loves to dress her dolls and change their outfits over and over again. When the Petite Harumika came she was ecstatic and obviously we had to open the packet straight away so she could play with it. She struggled with tucking the {Read More}

Scoobits Scooter Accessory

We were given a Scoobits to review. So what are Scoobits? Well they are just a simple but fun way to personalise your scooter so if you put it down with other people scooters that happen to be the same colour and make of yours with a Scoobits it will be so much easier finding yours! We asked for anyone to be sent to us as long as it was “girly” As obviously I have daughters. We received a pink {Read More}

Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse

We were asked to review the Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse, My daughter has just turned 5 and loves Lalaloopsy. When we received this it was packages very well. Everything was tied to the box or held on with mini elastic bands,so nothing got lost or went array for the lovely setting that was set out. It did take me about twenty minutes to untie everything and then we had fun setting back up. My daughter absolutely loves this, She zones out {Read More}