Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse

We were asked to review the Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse, My daughter has just turned 5 and loves Lalaloopsy. When we received this it was packages very well. Everything was tied to the box or held on with mini elastic bands,so nothing got lost or went array for the lovely setting that was set out. It did take me about twenty minutes to untie everything and then we had fun setting back up. My daughter absolutely loves this, She zones out {Read More}

Thortons Treats For Valentines Day

It’s nearly Valentines day and Thortons have some lovely Valentine’s Day treats available. I was lucky to sample three of their products. The first I tried was Thortons Love Rocks. The Love Rocks come in a lovely hot pink packet with pink hearts on. The weight of the packet is 162g and inside are Strawberry flavour sweets. These are hard sweets and have a gorgeous flavour of strawberry, with a pink edge, then white and a pink heart in the {Read More}

Beech Comfys

I received a pair of Zebra print Beech Comfy sandals they are fleece and double up as slippers too. These arrived in their own little bag, which is fab if you are going to a spa or something similar as they are easily transportable in their bag and saves other things getting dirty or wet when you have finished using them. My first thoughts were wow zebra print!!! I love animal print thing and then looking closer I saw the {Read More}

Pilgrims Choice Cheese

*Reviewed By Roger* This week I was given a selection of PILGRIMS CHOICE CHEESES to review. These consisted of Wonderfully STRONG and PUNCHY extra mature cheddar,A Wonderfully Strong and Punchy Lighter extra mature cheese, A Superbly Smooth and Rich mature cheddar, A Superbly Smooth and Rich Lighter mature cheese and a Distinctively Crumbly and Tangy Farmhouse Vintage cheddar. First off was the Wonderfully Strong and Punchy extra mature cheddar which came as a 350g block. The packaging was easy to {Read More}

Forest Of Kings Review and Giveaway

When we received The Forest of Kings by Sir Fox de Fox book, I was suprised at how big the book was, However this is not a problem, It actually reminds me of a story tellers book, You know the ones where you see them sitting in there chair with children my their feet reading a large book to them. My daughter is 5 and could read a lot of this herself while I supervised her, however at bed time {Read More}

Bic Kids Felt Tip Pens

My daughter is very creating only just turing 5 she is always drawing and colouring in things. She is at the stage where she wants to colour with felt tips but I have had bad experiences with felt tips before with marks left on the tables and clothing and on her hands and arms too and even claiming to be washable but still not coming out. With that said I was asked to review Bic Kids felt tipped colour pens {Read More}

Now That’s What I Call Fitness DVD

The Ultimate Dance Workout includes music from Jennifer Lopez, Jessie J, Rihanna, Roll Deep, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger and many more. When the DVD starts up there are four options,Play intro, Play Workout, Create your own workout and behind the scenes. I pressed the Play Workout which had two options to choose to play with the instructions or music. Both versions have the same music but in the option with instructions the instructor tells you what to do and when {Read More}