September’s Degustabox


I am loving reviewing the monthly Degustabox that is sent to me to review and September’s box was just as good as the previous months. If you have not heard of Degustabox it is a surprise box of food and drink that is sent monthly. This is what was in Septembers box; Burts Lentil Waves, 3 packets of lentil based crisps, we recieved Sour Cream & Chives, Thai Sweet Chilli and Lightly Salted flavours.  These were different from other crisp {Read More}

Kids Mag Store – Back-issue Kids Mags


My daughter loves reading magazines, she also loves magazines that have free gifts, crafts and things with them. I do not mind buying her a magazine from time to time but I do find some of them a little expensive for what they are and sometimes pocket money isn’t enough to buy a magazine unless she saves. That is where the fabulous website come in. Kids Mag Store is an online store selling back-issue kids magazines for 50% off {Read More}

Lunette Menstrual Cup (RUMPs)

Lunette Menstrual Cup

I have been using the Lunette Menstrual Cup for about three cycles now. You will notice that most of my menstrual cup reviews will be based on at least three months of use, this is because I feel I can give them a better review as we all know that sometimes periods can be different from month to month and the cervix moves around so what might have worked well during one period may not necessarily work quite as well {Read More}

Listography – Your Life In Lists from Got 2 Jot Review & Giveaway


  I love all kinds of stationery and I recently learnt about a new online stationery store called Got 2 Jot. It is run by a lovely lady called Sarah and here is a bit of background on how it started. Sarah has always had a passion for stationery whether it be at home or work. After a trip to Australia where there were some fabulous stationery stores she was inspired to take time to use her retail marketing experience {Read More}

ClearBlue Advanced Fertility Monitor


Trying for a baby can take longer than expected for some people. Sometimes the problem can just be that couples are missing the optimum days of the month where they are most fertile. This is where Clearblue come in. They have just released their Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor this clever device will pinpoint your fertile days or fertile window by reading your LH (Luteinising Hormone). So what is new with the Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor, well this monitor has had {Read More}

Ryvita Limited Edition Ben De Lisi Tin


I love Ryvita but storing them can be a bit of a pain and if not wrapped properly they turn soft so I was very pleased to be offered Ryvita’s new Limited Edition Ben De Lisi Tin to review and of course store my Ryvita in. I was also sent a box of Ryvita Thins and a packet of Ryvita Fruit Crunch. The award winning and internationally acclaimed designer, Ben de Lisi, renowned for his vibrantly modern designs across homewares {Read More}

Thorntons Fantastic Chocolate Fix Hamper Review & Giveaway


There are not many people I know that do not like chocolate and although I can take it or leave it I do enjoy to have some chocolate especially when I am watching a film or when I am not feeling too well chocolate somehow make me feel a little better. A bit of indulgence doesn’t harm anyone. I was asked if I would like to review a Thorntons Chocolate Hamper and of course I agreed. I had an operation {Read More}