Degustabox October – What’s in the box?


I am loving the surprise of the Degustabox every month. If ou haven’t heard f Degustabox it is a monthly food box filled with up to 15 surprise products and some of these products are completely new to the market. In the box this month was; Kellogg’s Special K Cracker Crisps in barbecue flavour. These are a 80g sharing bag. They are a tapioca, potato and wheat snack. There is 60% less fat in these and a serving of 30g {Read More}

Dormeo Memory Mattress


I have been on about getting a new mattress for our bed for some time now but with appliances needing to be replaced it was just put at the bottom of the list as it wasn’t as important as the other things we needed. Much to my surprise I was asked if I’d like to review a memory mattress from Dormeo and it was our chance to get our new mattress and I literally jumped for joy. The mattress we {Read More}

Clairol 5 in 1 Conditioner


A few weeks ago I reviewed Clairol 5 in 1 Everyday Cleansing Shampoo I was then sent the accompanying conditioner to try, Clairol 5 in 1 Conditioner. This is what it says on the back of the bottle Conditioner with Camomile extract. Inspired by the balancing and calming effects of camomile, this conditioner leaves your hair soft and easy to comb. The conditioner’s 5 in 1 are as follows; Lightweight conditioning Softens Nourishes Smells fresh Detangles It is suitable for {Read More}

Weight Watchers New Flavoured Hot Chocolates


I enjoying drinking Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate but sometimes I get a little bored with plain hot chocolate so I was thrilled when I learnt that they have bought out three new dessert inspired  flavoured  Jaffa Cake, Chocolate Cherry Brownie and Cappuccino Cream Cake. I was sent Cappuccino Cream Cake and Chocolate Cherry Brownie flavours to try. These come in  resealable pouches with 8 servings per pack and are low calorie at just 38 calories per serving or one ProPoint. {Read More}

Belvoir Fruit Farms Winter Cordials Review & Giveaway


  As Winter is approaching meaning the weather is starting to get colder and colder the last thing I fancy drinking is a cold drink, well unless it is alcohol so when I was asked if I would like to try some of Belvoir Fruit Farms Winter Cordials I jumped at the chance of trying something new and these sounded fantastic.   I received a nice box of three bottles, the flavours I received were; Apple, Plum & Cinnamon cordial,  {Read More}

Club Chic from Vivid


Have you heard of Club Chic? They are a new doll from Vivid that are gorgeous bear dolls. There are 5 available and they each have their own style and personality. Each have their own oversized handbag to match their personality. They have cute little ears poking out of their hair and check their feet out. We were sent all five of these gorgeous little bears and my daughter was in her element. She loves dolls and these are dolls {Read More}

Organic Children Berry Smoothie Shampoo


My daughter is seven now but I always struggle with shampoos for her as a lot of the child shampoos on the market wash her hair good but getting a comb through it afterwards is a complete nightmare and I do worry that the shampoo I use on my hair may be a bit harsh for her delicate hair. This is why when I was asked if I’d like to review a product from Big Green Smile I chose to {Read More}