Puzzler World App Has Saved Me From Boredom

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I love Puzzler World, I have two DS games of it and play them frequently although not too long at a time as I seem to get neck ache.  I was informed that Puzzler World is now on the iPad and Android, this thrilled me as it meant a bigger screen to do the puzzles on and them being easier to see. I was offered the chance to review the Puzzler World app on my iPad and it could not {Read More}

Puzzler World 2013 | Game Review

Puzzler World 2013

I was excited to be offered the chance to review Puzzler World 2013 because I already have Puzzler World 2012 and thought it would be great to see what differences there are between the two. It is a Nintendo DS Game and rated pegi 3. The first thing I noticed about Puzzler World 2013 is that it has new games on it. It has Loko, Maze-A-Pix, Backwords, Number Jig plus wordsearch, crossword, sudoku, codeword, pathfinder, silhouette, fitword, spot the difference, {Read More}

Vampire Fun & Games By H.W. Kondras


  Title: Vampire Fun & Games Author: H.W Kondras Genre: Trivia & Puzzle Book ISBN: 9781935628064 Publisher: Blue River Press Website: www.cardinalpub.com Synopsis: Love vampires? Test your knowledge and have some fun with this collection of crossword puzzles and trivia questions about the children of the night. Included are puzzles and triva about Count Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, Elizabeth Bathory, Lestat de Lioncourt, Edward Cullen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the “True Blood” vampires, Blade and many, many more. From vampire {Read More}