Radio Control Inflatable Android Robot

Radio control Inflatable Android Robot

I love gadgets and gimmicks and when I saw the Radio Control Inflatable Android Robot at the Gadget Website – Gadget Inspector I really wanted to review it, not only for me but I knew my six year old daughter and my husband would love it too and we were lucky enough to be picked to review it, Yay! It arrived in a box which was slightly bigger than a board game box. Inside the box was the inflatable android {Read More}

Triqo Box Set | Review | Giveaway


We received a Triqo Box Set which had 100 pieces in it to review for my six year old daughter. Triqo are shaped pieces of plastic that have flexible tags on the sides top and bottom with holes that and each piece of Triqo can be clipped to another piece. In the box were 60 triangle pieces, 40 square pieces, all of the pieces are different colours and they are bright colours. There was also a sheet which has lots {Read More}

Pig Goes Pop! Game

We were given the Pig Goes Pop! game to review from Drumond Park. Contents: 1 Piggy Chef 4 Purple Burgeres 4 Red Burgers 4 Yellow Burgers 4 Green Burgers 1 Dice All instructions are on the back of the box. The game is for 2-6 players and for aged 4+ My daughter is five and has seen this game advertised on the TV recently so she knew what it was about before receiving it. We took it out of the {Read More}

Adult and Child Scooters from Micro Scooters


I see all these children playing on there scooters and sometimes I find myself thinking that I wished I could have one as they look so much fun. So when I was given the opportunity to review an Adult and Child scooter, One for me or hubby and one for my 5 year old from Micro-Scooters I literally jumped at the chance as it means myself and my daughter can scoot up to the park or where ever else we {Read More}

Word For Word Game by Gibsons

We were given the game Word for Word to review. It is for 2-6 players and for ages 8 + “For those who always have to have the last word! Whats in the box: 99 wooden lettered tiles Cloth bag Egg Timer Rule sheet The aim of the game is to score the most points to reach an agreed target. Myself, my husband and my 14 year old daughter played the game. First we placed all of the wooden tiles {Read More}

Win A Pig Goes Pop! Game

When you are travelling for a distance children get bored, whether it be in a car, on a train or even on an aeroplane. Drumond Park Games has the perfect solution to keep your children from getting bored in the form of a game called Pig Goes Pop! It costs around £19.99 and for ages 4 +. Which is the perfect travelling companion. Pig Goes Pop! Is a firm family favourite and it has proved itself to be everyone’s Number {Read More}

Rapidough Game Review

Rapidough by Drumond Park  is an old favourite that has been completely updated. I am not sure what the older version was like so have nothing to compare the updated version to but I can say it’s a family favourite here already! The game is for 4 or more players and aged 8 years+ it is best to play in 2 or 3 teams. What’s in the box: 3 containers of coloured Modelling Dough: Red, Yellow, Blue 3 Modelling Mats {Read More}