Me & My Plant Update

Well it’s been a while since I wrote about receiving Khloe, Karen and Karla the Kalanchoe’s. They are still alive since the last photos the flowers are now gone though so I thought it was about to die, I have since removed all the dead flowers. However I has got lots and lots of baby leaves sprout from each plant so obviously it is still alive and thriving. I really have no clue when it comes to plants, so I {Read More}

Me & My Plant Giveaway

I was very kindly given a plant to take care of from which is part of Flower Council of Holland. As part of the Me and My Plant campaign they are investigating people’ relationships with their plants and so this is where I come in. Now I am rubbish at looking after plants, I tend to forget they are there until they start wilting. So this time will be different as I will be blogging about me and my {Read More}