Goodbye Google Friends Connect

As you may have been aware GFC (Google Friends Connect) retired on the 1st March 2012. I actually liked this widget and its a great shame that they have retired it. With that said things move on so I will have to move on with it and find other ways of allowing my readers to following my blog. If you look to the right sidebar at the top you can Subscribe by Email, Which is great as all posts will {Read More}

Is GFC being removed?

I have heard that  GFC  (Google Friends Connect) will soon be retiring from non-Blogger blogs at the end of this month and then from Blogger blogs in the future. I have found an alternative thanks to a few other blogs that suggested it, Its called Linky Followers. Its is a newly launched FREE service which was developed specifically for bloggers by Brent Riggs, The creator and owner of Linky Tools. It only takes a few minutes to set up your {Read More}