Heat Holders the socks that hold the heat


My feet are the first to feel the cold and in this weather I find it very difficult to get them to warm up and stay warm unless I have a hot water bottle permanently attached to them. I  had a pair of Heat Holders with are thermal socks,  a couple of years ago and loved them but unfortunately with overuse they got a hole in them and they had to be binned. I was asked if I would like {Read More}

Heat Holders Are Superb

I was lucky enough to be given a pair of ladies HeatHolders to try. My initial reaction was WHY haven’t I ever bought any of these? They are completely amazing! As soon as I put them on my feet it felt like heaven! My feet are always cold, My husband is always complaining about how cold they are, The Heat Holders warmed them up within minutes. I like using them for slippers as they do a much better job than my {Read More}