Underwater Light Show

underwater light show

My youngest daughter loves to have baths whereas the rest of the family prefer showers but when we were sent the Underwater Light Show from Find-Me-A-Gift  both of my daughters wanted to have baths so they could have ‘disco baths’. The Underwater Light how requires 3x AAA batteries which are not included, I unscrewed the screws but found it quite difficult to get the cover off to add the batteries. I think is because of the clear waterproof ring that {Read More}

BrainBox The World Game


I was asked if I would like to review BrainBox The World which is a ten minute brain challenge suitable for one or more players and for ages 8 years and over, is designed for you to play and have fun with your family and friends and will help improve observation and memory skills as well as knowledge of the world we live in. Inside the box is; 71 cards, 1 rules card, 1 sand timer and 1 dice. To {Read More}

I have an Addiction…


We all have our addictions, be it chocolate, a glass of wine every day, crisps or maybe a guilty pleasure like loving Jedward. Mine is not food or pop stars it is World of Warcraft! I have only been playing it for around three weeks and I find that after I have written posts for my blog, caught up with emails and sorted the family out I will log on and get lost in my WOW world. I am a {Read More}

Nookii Confidential Board Game for Couples

Nookii Confidential

Sometimes a relationship can become a bit stagnant for want of a better word. On the other hand relationships can also be fun and couples want to try different things for a bit of extra spice. We were sent the board game called Nookii Confidential which is a couple’s game and we couldn’t wait to try it as my husband and I are always looking for fun things to do together. This is the description of Nookii Confidential; Nookii Confidential {Read More}

Don’t Take Buster’s Bones Game

Don't Take Buster's Bones

I hadn’t seen Don’t Take Buster’s Bones game advertised but both my children have and they were thrilled to review it as members of the Ideal Games Group from John Adams. Inside the box is;  Buster the dog, Dog bowl, Coloured bones, 1 pair of Cat Paw tweezers, Playing Ccards, Sticker sheet and instructions leaflet. Buster looks quite mean and the kids didn’t tell me what he did so when I put in the 3 AA batteries (not included) it {Read More}

Janod Magnetibook – Girl’s Outfits

Janod Mageticbook

We were sent a Janod Magnetibook – Girls Outfits to review from ELC. I knew my daughter would like as soon as I saw it. The box is in the style and shape of a book but when you open it up you will find 8 outfit cards and 34 different magnets. The lid stays up and leans back a little with the help of two ribbons on the sizes it does not go back to far. On the inside {Read More}

Gooey Louie

Gooey Louie

My children have both seen Gooey Louie advertised on the television. I know when they see it because I hear the sound EWWW in stereo. As we are members of the Ideal Games Group from John Adams it was our job to test it out and write our thoughts about it. Looking at the front of the box it looks gross. I was expecting lots of slime stuff to be inside the box and the children were to fish out {Read More}