Listography – Your Life In Lists from Got 2 Jot Review & Giveaway


  I love all kinds of stationery and I recently learnt about a new online stationery store called Got 2 Jot. It is run by a lovely lady called Sarah and here is a bit of background on how it started. Sarah has always had a passion for stationery whether it be at home or work. After a trip to Australia where there were some fabulous stationery stores she was inspired to take time to use her retail marketing experience {Read More}

My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll Review & Giveaway


My daughter had seen My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll on YouTube and she had mentioned it to me on several occasions. I was asked if we would like to review it from Tesco and I kept it quiet from her until the day it arrived and it was sitting in the dining room awaiting her return from school. To see her face go from a rather tired look on her face to a big cheesy grin and then a little {Read More}

I’m a Guitar (Wo)Man


This weekend has been a little quiet as in we didn’t go anywhere really. My youngest daughter wants to start guitar lessons at school after Christmas so we bought her a 3/4 guitar and then daddy decided he would brush up on his guitar playing and I felt a little left out. I was then told that my little sister has a 3/4 guitar that she no longer uses and that I could buy it off her. Whoop I thought {Read More}

Kid Zinger Drinks Bottle


We were sent a Kid Zinger Children’s cup to review. I was interested in this as my daughter drinks a lot of water and I would love for her to continue drinking water and not get bored with it, that is where Kid Zinger comes in. It is a unique drinks system which is fun but also a great and healthy way for children to add a splash of fresh juice to their water. It is a water bottle with {Read More}

Rubik’s Fun with 2 Cubes, A Twist and A Race


As part of the John Adams Games Group we were sent some Rubik’s goodies which included a Rubik’s Cube, A mini Rubik’s Cube on a Keyring Rubik’s Twist and Rubik’s Race. Did you know the Rubik’s Cube is celebrating its 40th Anniversary, it was first invented by Ernö Rubik in 1974 in Hungary. The world’s obession with the Rubik’s Cube became apparent in the 1980’s making the puzzle synonymous with the ‘retro’ era. It is estimated that 350 million Rubik’s {Read More}

Shadow Puppet Theatre – The Kids Love It!

Shadow Puppet Theatre

We were sent a huge bundle of items especially for making a shadow puppet theatre and performance from Swinton Insurance. The whole family have seen the new advert in which Attraction (BGT 2013 Winners) perform their unique act of making themselves into different things all thanks to shadows and light. I asked my daughters if they would perform a shadow puppet show for myself and my husband and they set to work setting things up. We had to put the {Read More}

Finger Football Game with Haribo


To get into the World Cup spirit we were sent a Finger Football set and some Haribo sweets from the lovely people at Haribo so we could have our own game of football in the nice environment of inside out home. Which is just as well as the weather has changed a lot this week and it is quite chilly and wet outside. Inside the Finger Football set is a pitch mat, 2 pairs of finger football boots, 2 goal {Read More}