Word For Word Game by Gibsons

We were given the game Word for Word to review. It is for 2-6 players and for ages 8 + “For those who always have to have the last word! Whats in the box: 99 wooden lettered tiles Cloth bag Egg Timer Rule sheet The aim of the game is to score the most points to reach an agreed target. Myself, my husband and my 14 year old daughter played the game. First we placed all of the wooden tiles {Read More}

Rapidough Competition

Have you heard or seen the family game Rapidough by Drumond Park? No? Keep reading this post to see what its all about and what you are missing and enter the competition for your chance to win it… GUESS TOO SLOW – AND YOU LOSE SOME DOUGH! Uproarious fun with new FAMILY Rapidough Rapidough, the UK’s original and most popular team game of modelling charades, has been completely updated – and now the whole family can join in the fun! It’s back in the {Read More}

Bananagrams Game


We were kindly given the game Bananagrams to review. The game consists of a case like a pencil case that looks like a banana. When opening the case inside there are 144 lettered tiles in a bag and instructions. On the instruction page there are alternative suggestions to play the game Best Of…, Banana Smoothie, Banana Café and Banana Solitaire as well as the original game. When we had a spare hour or so myself, my husband and my eldest {Read More}