Move More, Sit Less Challenge

I sit a lot especially when I am blogging and writing so I was glad to get this challenge from WeightWatchers. Move More Sit Less. I do not do as much exercise as I should. On a busy day I sometimes do not stop with either blogging, writing, sorting the kids, dinners, housework or one thing or another until half an hour before bedtime! Last night however I realised how stressed I am becoming and after reading up on stress {Read More}

Zaggora 2.0 HotPants Review

I had bought hotpants similar to the Zaggora 2.0 HotPants before but to tell you the truth I had not used or even worn them because they had an awful smell to them sort of like a mechanics garage mixed with fish?!. They have been left in the corner of the bedroom wrapped and unused since I got them. So obviously was a little weary on whether the Zaggora 2.0 HotPants would smell the same. When they arrived I took {Read More}

FitFlop Womens Walkstar Flip Flops Review

I have heard so many good things about FitFlops such as good for cronic back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, restless leg syndrome, scoliosis, heel spurs, plantar faciitis and degenerative disc disease.I have back pain constantly with a slight curve to my spine, plus sciatica I am always in pain although the tablets help I wanted to see if the Fit Flops would help, with these plus my posture and tone my leg muscles a bit. I was so pleased that M&M {Read More}

Hacky Sacks

We were given 2 Hacky Sacks by Wham-o to review. They were called Striker and Freestyle. The Sriker was in the style of a football and the Freestyle was in the style of a Jamaican hat colour and knitted. These are both for ages 5 and up. The basic Hacky Sack instructions are as follows… Kick your Hacky Sack footbag as many times as you can before it hits the ground. Play on your own or in a circle with {Read More}

Zumba Fitness Rush Xbox Kinect

I love dance and fitness games especially the ones on the Xbox Kinect as there is no controller to hold. So when asked if I would live to try out the new Zumba Fitness Rush I agreed as I was getting a little bored of my other dance and fitness games as they had been played so many times. Zumba Fitness Rush has 24 international dance styles and 42 all new routines. Salsa, Hip Hop, Bollywood to name a few. {Read More}

Now That’s What I Call Fitness DVD

The Ultimate Dance Workout includes music from Jennifer Lopez, Jessie J, Rihanna, Roll Deep, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger and many more. When the DVD starts up there are four options,Play intro, Play Workout, Create your own workout and behind the scenes. I pressed the Play Workout which had two options to choose to play with the instructions or music. Both versions have the same music but in the option with instructions the instructor tells you what to do and when {Read More}