Gold Stars Factivity: Journey around and inside your amazing body Book


October’s Book Buddy book for the older child was an educational book, Gold Stars Factivity: Journey around and inside your amazing body, this appealed to me as a parent as with my youngest daughter being almost 8 now I have found she is asking more and more about inside her body  whether it just be a random question or wanting to know more about something she learnt at school, and to be honest sometimes I do not know the answers {Read More}

My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll Review & Giveaway


My daughter had seen My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll on YouTube and she had mentioned it to me on several occasions. I was asked if we would like to review it from Tesco and I kept it quiet from her until the day it arrived and it was sitting in the dining room awaiting her return from school. To see her face go from a rather tired look on her face to a big cheesy grin and then a little {Read More}

LeapReader Reading and Writing System


Learning to read and write is an important thing in a child’s life. Everyone needs to know how to read and write, most children learn a lot at school but helping them at home too can only be an advantage. We were sent a LeapReader Reading and Writing System to review along with a  Read & Write  Series Writing – Numbers Activity Set and a Read on Your Own Series 3D effects Monsters University book. My daughter is almost 7 {Read More}

Vtech InnoTab 2

Vtech InnoTav 2

We were lucky enough to be chosen to review a Vtech InnoTab 2 in pink and my daughter was very pleased as soon as she saw it because it was pink. The Vtech InnoTab 2 the learning app tablet is a tablet aimed at children aged 4-9. It is 5 inch touch screen and has educational games, ebooks and lots of fun activities. It also has a microphone and a rotatable camera so the child using it can take photos {Read More}

Triqo Box Set | Review | Giveaway


We received a Triqo Box Set which had 100 pieces in it to review for my six year old daughter. Triqo are shaped pieces of plastic that have flexible tags on the sides top and bottom with holes that and each piece of Triqo can be clipped to another piece. In the box were 60 triangle pieces, 40 square pieces, all of the pieces are different colours and they are bright colours. There was also a sheet which has lots {Read More}

Tolo Polar World Set

My daughter loves to play with little figures and houses and making little scenes. She sits for hours talking with her dolls, teddies and whatever else she has with her. We were sent a Tolo Polar World Set which are part of the First Friends range of Tolo Toys, the set consisted of an Igloo, Polar Bear, Husky, Seal, Walrus, Penguin, Eskimo Boy, Eskimo Girl, Sleigh and an iceberg set. Each character is fairly big and have great detail on {Read More}

Mathable Deluxe Board Game

When I saw Mathable Deluxe board game I thought that it looked like a great game as well as being educational, I also knew that it would help my eldest daughter immensely as she struggles with maths. The game is similar to Scrabble in the fact that it has the tiles and tile holders for each player. Although Mathable Deluxe is based on mathematical equations which must be formed on the game board. The players make use of a playing {Read More}