Puzzler World 2013 | Game Review

Puzzler World 2013

I was excited to be offered the chance to review Puzzler World 2013 because I already have Puzzler World 2012 and thought it would be great to see what differences there are between the two. It is a Nintendo DS Game and rated pegi 3. The first thing I noticed about Puzzler World 2013 is that it has new games on it. It has Loko, Maze-A-Pix, Backwords, Number Jig plus wordsearch, crossword, sudoku, codeword, pathfinder, silhouette, fitword, spot the difference, {Read More}

Puzzler World 2012 Nintendo DS Game

I was given Puzzler World 2012 to review. I love puzzles as they get my brain ticking. When this came I imediately made sure my DS was fully charged so I could spend a while playing the game. Once charged away I went, into my own little DS world. First thing I noticed was the music wow it made me jump. I had my volume at the highest level. Not a problem turned it down and that sorted that. The {Read More}