Clothing from Zalando

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I rarely get new clothes for myself as I do not grow upwards or outwards so the only time I really get new clothes is if I am wanting a new pair of jeans or something I have seen that I really like when out and about. I was asked if I would like to review something from Zalando and I knew exactly what I wanted with the weather turning cooler, a hoodie,  and a t-shirt to go underneath. I {Read More}

Sprayway Childrens Clothing


I am not sure if many of you have heard of Sprayway so I thought I would tell you something about them before I wrote my review. Sprayway are a clothing company and it was founded in 1974 by two outdoor enthusiasts in Manchester UK. They initially started with sailing clothing but as they liked to mountaineer they found a lack in the market for durable, solid and waterproof clothing and from there they have made clothing that is comfortable, {Read More}

Proskins Slim 28-Day Challenge


A few weeks back I was asked if I would like to take part in the Proskins Slim 28 day Challenge.  I hate my legs so it was ideal for me. Proskins Slim 28 Day Challenge is about helping you recorded your Proskins Slim experience. Proskins Slim can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm problem areas up. The challenge allows you to buy a pair of Proskins Slim Classic Black leggings for half the regular price. When you {Read More}

That Socks Have Launched Online

That Socks

That Socks have just launched an online store where you can buy “odd socks for odd folk.” Yes all of their pairs of socks are odd but all the same style. We were sent two pairs to review, The Modern Gent and Hello Sailor. The Modern Gent socks were Magenta and Cobalt in colour and Hello Sailor were Navy and Mustard. The good thing about That Socks socks are that you can mix them about so I could use the {Read More}

Clothes Shopping Online


I love shopping online, mainly for clothes but I also buy a lot of items for the home online too. Not just for myself, either, I can usually find great quality clothing for my two daughters and husband and also gifts for birthdays, weddings and so on. I do like to shop about to get good deals and am frequently looking to get voucher codes for Next and other big brand stores. I love to save money where I can {Read More}

Bench Wandry Winter Coat

Bench Wandry Winter Coat

I needed a new winter coat. The weather has been pretty bad so far this year, it has been cold and wet and snowy my poor little mac just does not keep me warm at all. I was asked if I would like to review some women’s clothing from Zalando website and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to replace my mac with something warmer and decided on a Bench Wandry Winter coat. The Bench Wandry Winter coat is {Read More}

Win An Outfit Worth up to £50 From Boys&Girls


Win an outfit from Boys&Girls Boys&Girls is a bright and brilliant combination of stylish, practical and affordable kid’s clothes for 1-10 year olds. The Boys&Girls team have created a kidswear range that is entirely made from organic and fairtrade cotton making it ethical, cool and accessible. Each garment is created with care and the company strives to reduce the impact of their manufacturing on the environment. Made using the highest quality organic certified and fair-trade cotton and organic dying processes, {Read More}