145 Piece Stationary Set from Toxic Fox


I always seem to be buying new pens, pencils, rulers and the likes for my daughter because she loses them at school and adding up all that I have spend on new stationary works out quick an amount. I was contacted by Toxic Fox asking if I would like to review something from them and I decided on the 145 piece Stationary Set because all of the stationary is personalised. In the set there is; 12 personalised markers 12 personalised {Read More}

Win £250 with Room To Grow by Completing a Children Discipline Survey


Disciplining children is a difficult subject to approach as all parents have their own views on how to discipline. Some people use the naughty step or time out. Some take toys or privileges away .Some try to explain to their children that it is wrong to do such and such and some do none of those and something else.  I guess that parents do what they feel works best for them as a unit. Who is the main person in {Read More}

Little Pals Cupcake Baking Set


I like baking cakes and that has rubbed off on my seven year old daughter who loves to help whenever I mention that I will be baking. We were approached to review gifts for kids although we didn’t know what we were getting until it came to us and when the Little Pals Cupcake Baking Set arrived my daughter was ecstatic that she had her very own set to bake cupcakes. The Little Pals Cupcake Baking Set included a pink {Read More}

Flower and Butterfly Wigwam


I was asked by Garden Games if I would like to review a Flower and Butterfly Wigwam. Now I know it really hasn’t been the weather for using wigwams outside but I knew it would definitely get a lot of use in the summertime and that we could set it up temporarily in the house until the nice weather comes. It came in a long box which is good as I can use the box to store the wigwam when {Read More}

skribbies customisable Hi-Tops


Hi-Tops seem to be all the rage at the moment both my 6 year old and 16 year olds ask for hi-tops when I ask what shoes or trainers would they like. I thought one you had seen one pair of Hi-Tops you had seen them all. That was until I saw skribbies which are completely customisable Hi-Tops. I was sent a pair of skribbies to review with my six year old daughter, we had the choice out of three {Read More}

The Tropical Dance Song


My youngest likes to sing, make up her own songs and also make up her own dance moves. She cracks me up, I will have to get a video of her dancing when she’s not looking hehe. Anyway here is her little song that she wanted me to share with my blog readers….enjoy.   The Tropical Dance Song Tropical Dance, Tropical Dance La la la la la la la Do the Tropical Dance Do it do it Do it, Do {Read More}

Our Pledge To Get Out More


In the history of mankind we have never spent as little time outdoors as we do now. As technology as increased the time we spend outdoors has decreased and continues to decrease every day. We now hold unfortunate label has been the fattest and most confined human beings to ever grace this wonderful world. In the UK child obesity continues to climb but even more concerning is the fact that our children are now the unhappiest in the developed world. {Read More}