Sure Men Special Edition Dry 48h

Written by Roger (The Husband)

Sure Men

This week I was given 2 anti-perspirants from Sure Men to try. One was a spray and the other was a roll on. Both were special edition 48 hour dry.

The design on both was mainly black with gold writing and a badge of Lotus F1 team official partnership and the gold sure tick. Its impression was very manly and could not be mistaken for the wife’s lol.

First I tried the spray. When I sprayed it I was pleased with the aroma but was not pleased that it was a sticky white powder that matted my underarm hair together and left white marks on my nice clean black t shirt .I must admit I’m a bit biased as I hate this kind of spray and prefer clean sprays. That said I left it on and went about my normal daily duties.

At the end of the day I was surprised to find it did protect well and I was indeed dry under the arms .I was pleased that throughout the day the pleasant smell was still with me and lasted well.

Performance wise I give it a big thumbs up it does exactly what is said on the tin keeps you dry and smelling fresh for the whole day.

Sure Men

Next day I tried the roll on. This was much better to me as it was not sticky and white.

It goes on wet and dries very quickly leaving no marks. Again the smell was the same as the spray so very pleasant and again lasted well .the labeling was the same as the spray so definitely aimed at men. At the end of the day I was still dry so as with the spray it works well.

If I had to choose between the two I would pick the roll on due to the spray being sticky and white. Performance wise the spray wins much easier to apply and I did think it gave more protection and made me feel more confident.

My ending comment is that Sure Men Dry 48h works.

Available nationwide for around £2.89 for 250ml and £2.00 for 150ml spray and £.100 for 50ml roll on.


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