skribbies customisable Hi-Tops


Hi-Tops seem to be all the rage at the moment both my 6 year old and 16 year olds ask for hi-tops when I ask what shoes or trainers would they like. I thought one you had seen one pair of Hi-Tops you had seen them all. That was until I saw skribbies which are completely customisable Hi-Tops.

I was sent a pair of skribbies to review with my six year old daughter, we had the choice out of three colours, pink, blue and yellow, of course my daughter wanted pink.


They arrived quickly and my daughter wanted to unpack them and customise them right then. I managed to put her off for about half an hour.


Inside the box is;

1 Pair of skribbies, 6 different coloured pens, a wristband and stickers.


On the tag it says,  draw, wipe, draw

Your skribbies allow you to

1. Draw all over your shoe
2. Wipe it off
3. Draw something totally new.

So go ahead and customise your shoe. Every day from new.

Now before I let my daughter get at the pens I did tell her that she was only allowed to draw on the skribbies and not on any other shoes as I had visions of her customising all of our shoes.


The skribbies have a shiny white plastic coating on the shoe which can be drawn on a wiped clean. They have elastic that looks like laces and a velcro strap at the top. My daughter’s skribbies have a hot pink tongue and soles and the inside is red. They are padded inside and my daughter tells me that they are really comfortable to wear.


She sat at the table for ages thinking of what to draw, then drawing and wiping the drawings away with the wrist band and then redrawing things.  She does this every time she wears them so they are different every time. The wristband can also hold a pen which is handy as if you touch the drawings they do tend to smudge or disappear so having a skribbies pen on hand helps when something wipes off.


My daughter loves them, she is always drawing on paper and this made her shoes her own unique ones.


skribbies are available in sizes 10-3 and at the moment cost just £35.95. They can be purchased from the skribbies website I think they would be a perfect gift for a girl or boy as they can show of their creative talents via their skribbies.

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  1. Oh what an absolutely fantastic idea! I wish I’d had some of these when I was a kid :)

  2. They look so much fun!! Such a great idea! x
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