Silly Moo Game

Silly Moo

You have probably seen Silly Moo advertised on the television. Just a couple of days ago I saw it and my daughter immediately said  ”I have that!”.

As a member of the Ideal Games Group from John Adams we were sent Silly Moo to review. (that rhymes ;))

Inside the box is, A cow, dice, cow pats, white milk cartons, a gold milk carton and instructions.  It requires no batteries.

Setting up Silly Moo was really easy I pushed her  onto the grass base until it clicked. The children then loaded her up by rotating her tail to the right which opens the hatch. They then added a carton a carton, released the tail and did the same thing again until all of the cartons and cow pats were in. They then rotated her  tail a few times do the cow pats and milk cartons were mixed well.

Silly Moo

The children the pushed the eyes in as the udders won’t work unless the eyes are in, and then they were ready to play.

The youngest goes first and rolls the dice, whatever number is on the dice is the amount of times you have to pull on one of silly Moo’s udders. Each pull must make a click noise so you know it is pulls properly.  If you get squeaks, that are supposed to be moos you pass the dice to the next player. If Silly Moo pops out a cow pat or milk carton, you keep it. The scoring system is as follows; White milk cartons 1 point, gold milk carton, 2 points and a cow pat you minus 1 point.

When Silly Moo has been completely milked out her eyes will pop out which means it is the end of the game. It is then time to count the cartons then take away points for any cow pats you have. The winner is the one with the highest score.

Silly Moo has been my youngest daughters favourite game out of the kids action games. She loved putting the cartons and pats in the back of the cow and then playing it by pulling the udders. She giggled every time it squeaked and then moaned every time a pat came out. The tummy and udders are made of a soft rubbery latex kind of material and there is a mechanism inside that which you can feel and pull, making the process of milking Silly Moo work.

Both girls will sit at the table for a good hour or more playing this. The winning record goes to the youngest at the moment and my oldest is now trying to beat the record.

Silly Moo is suitable for ages 3 years and over and for 2-6 players. It is a fantastic game for children and they will have lots of fun with it.

It is available at all good toy stores and costs around £22.99 or less.

John Adams Games Group

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  1. What will they think of next….lol It looks so odd but so much fun!! Sounds great!!
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