Reducing The Running Cost Of Your Car – Money Saving Car Kit

We have a car and sometimes it can be a pain to run and I sometimes wish we had public transport where we live, but there is no public transport in our very small village so we have to use the car. We do not have much money so reducing the running cost of our car is essential for us.

We were sent a Money Saving Car Kit from Debt Free Direct which included a set of jump leads, Digital tyre inflator, car dust buster and spare bulb set. These will definitely save us money in one way or another.

These are the ways we will be saving money on our car;

Digital Tyre Inflator

Digital tyre inflator: We are saving money using the digital tyre inflator as we no longer need to drive to the nearest garage that has a tyre inflator. Usually we have to drive to  town which is 8 miles away so that would be 16 miles there and back so we are saving money in that way. We also save money because most garages now charge for this service. I didn’t realise that if your tyres are not inflated enough or to the correct level it can affect the fuel economy of the car by up to 35%.

Black & Decker Auto Dustbuster

Dustbuster: Cars get dirty, the inside of my foot wells are covered with small stones and bits of dried mud and dust. The back of the car is just the same and that is just what has been brought in from our shoes, we then have the added mess when the children eat in the car. Having our car valeted  can cost a tidy penny and within a week it is back in the same state again. We have saved on the valeting  cost by using the Dustbuster which is surprisingly quite a powerful little machine. It has picked up all of those little bits of dirt and it gets right into the creases of the seats and under the seats.

Jump Leads

Jump leads: Have you ever left your car lights on overnight only to find your car won’t start in the morning. Or your car battery hasn’t got the oomph to start on a cold winters morning. We have been in this situation. A lot of people have not got breakdown cover so it can sometimes be costly to get their car to start. I didn’t realise that if you do not have breakdown cover calling them in an emergency can cost quite a bit of money. With jump leads all you need is a friend or neighbour to jump start your car and you will be on your way.

Universal Bulb Kit

Spare bulb set (incl. bulbs and fuses): Our car has blown bulbs several times since we have had it and in an emergency we have had to purchase them at the petrol station which has cost us more than it would from other car places. It is illegal to drive with a bulb out and you could face a £60 fine for it. We have already used this kit to replace an indicator bulb and it has stayed in our glove box since we received it. It is a handy little kit to have as you just don’t know when the next bulb might blow

Here some other options of how to reduce the running cost of your car.

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This post was written in collaboration with Debt Free Direct

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