Radio Control Inflatable Android Robot

Radio control Inflatable Android Robot

I love gadgets and gimmicks and when I saw the Radio Control Inflatable Android Robot at the Gadget Website – Gadget Inspector I really wanted to review it, not only for me but I knew my six year old daughter and my husband would love it too and we were lucky enough to be picked to review it, Yay!

It arrived in a box which was slightly bigger than a board game box. Inside the box was the inflatable android robot, detachable R/c drive unit and two stabiliser units, 1 radio control handset, instructions and an inflate and deflate foot pump. The radio control handset requires 1 x 9v battery and the drive unit requires 4x AA batteries. These are not included.

I unpacked the box and placed the drive unit with the batteries in it and stabilisers onto the deflated android body and used the foot pump the inflate it. It didn’t take very long at all for the green android robot to inflate. He stands 65cm tall once inflated.

I switched the drive unit to ON and away he went.

Radio control Inflatable Android Robot
We have all had great fun with the radio control inflatable android robot. He goes backwards and forwards and when you press the side buttons on the handset you can make him spin around to do “donuts” and to just turn him around.
I was surprised how fast and smooth he ran across a carpeted floor, I was expecting it to struggle but luckily he didn’t as I don’t think it would have been as much fun making him zoom around my small kitchen.

My daughter loves to chase my poor dogs with it, she will giggle for ages while they are both trying to get out of the way.
The great thing about the radio control inflatable android robot is that it does not fall over. It wobbles tilts and then goes back into the upright position so there is not stopping and starting then fun.

Here is a short video of it being used

There are 3 different channels A/B/C which you can switch to what you need and you can operate three robots at once. I think this would be fun so I have told my daughter we may get another so we can battle each other.

You can purchase the Radio Control Inflatable Android Robot from here priced at just £27.99

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