Parade to the Pool Because You ARE Beautiful

Speedo Sculpture

Did you know that…

84% of women admit to putting their bodies down through negative talk

79% say they don’t know a female who is happy with her body

55% admit they won’t go swimming due to the fear of getting into a swimming costume

I am one of those women unfortunately. Since having children my body is not as lean as it once was with a big bum and wobbly bits. I will talk my body down a lot and I will not go swimming at my local pool for fear that someone I know will see me and comment to their friends or just think “god she has let herself go”.

The only place I will go swimming is in another town or when I am on holiday.

To try and stop me feeling so self conscious I was sent a Speedo Sculpture swimsuit. It  shapes, controls and support in all those places where you need it with a really great fit and it has made me feel and look slimmer wearing it.

Since receiving this I have worn it swimming and I felt more confident in myself for the first time in years.

Speedo Sculpture

There are no panels in the Speedo Sculpture, they have combined exclusive all over shaping  fabrics with visual detailing, using colour, print and texture to create swimwear which fits and flatters and isn’t uncomfortable either. It has made me want to go swimming more with my family and I know my family appreciate it too.

I would definitely recommend a Speedo Sculpture to any woman that is self conscious as they are miracle workers.

Gabby Logan Speedo Sculpture


Gabby Logan fights the Fat Talk with Central London ‘Parade to the Pool’

On Tuesday, 4th June Speedo Sculpture’s ‘Parade to the Pool’ campaign took place through the streets of central London.  The celebratory parade of dozens of women in their swimsuits, led by Sculpture ambassador Gabby Logan, aims to encourage women to stop negative talk about their bodies and tackle the ‘terror’ of getting into swimwear.

Speedo Sculpture and Gabby are on a mission to get more women to ‘take the plunge’ after new research shows that consistent ‘fat talk’ is denting women’s confidence and stopping them getting into the water, with 55% admitting they won’t go swimming due to the fear of getting into a swimming costume. 84% of women admit to putting their bodies down through negative talk with a third (31%) saying they only ever think or say bad things about themselves, 28% admit to doing it daily.

Speedo Sculpture

Gabby, the face and body of the new season’s collection of Sculpture swimwear, comments, “Women in the public eye and on TV are often scrutinized for how they look so I know how easy it would be to fall into the trap of taking on board this negativity.  The healthiest way for me to deal with it is by being fit and healthy through activities like swimming, which helps me focus on what my body can do rather than what it looks like.”

Four members of the public have been recruited to take part in the ‘Parade to the Pool’, which transforms the dreaded walk from the changing room to the pool into a celebratory parade of confidence.  The women will receive personal coaching from a psychologist to tackle their body anxieties before they undertake the ultimate form of ‘exposure therapy’. They will wear Speedo Sculpture swimsuits, which help to sculpt and shape the body.

Speedo Sculpture

The swimwear parade began at the Speedo store in Covent Garden and went through the streets of London to a local swimming pool, complete with a marching band, ticker tape and full fanfare.

Top psychologist Anjula Mutanda comments, “Negative talk amongst women about our bodies and looks is so common and well practiced it seems to happen almost without thinking. It can be contagious and it’s easy to spread and reinforce negative messages amongst ourselves; resulting in avoidance behaviour around exposing our bodies. The good news is that we can take control and shift our mindset from negative to positive thinking. When you change how you think it will change the way you feel, and the way you behave.”

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