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Sometimes us Mums feel like we need to pamper ourselves, well it is hard work running around after children all day and doing the housework, cooking dinner and everything else in our lives that need to be done. Some of us do not have time to go out somewhere to be pampered or the money to do so which usually means we go without.IMG_0052

Montagne Jeunesse have a whole range of face masks in different varieties and I was sent a few of them to review as well as  Foot Cooler and  Acai Body Smoothie. Unfortunately I have not been able to try many of them as it was the Easter holidays when I received them we were quite busy and then my daughter fell which meant  no time for much including sleep.


I have tried three of the masks so far, what I would call the less messy masks as they were quicker for me when I have little time.

The first mask I tried was the Crushed Artic Cloudberries Glacial Clay Spa which has real clay, Arctic  cloudberry and red grape.

I loved the smell of this, it smelt fresh. The mask itself felt cool when placing it on my face. I think this could have been a little smaller though because as you can see here


it was a little big and it took a while to smooth it out properly and the holes were quite big so I had to deal with trying to smooth the mask but cover my face better by folding it in some places.

I left it on for the recommended time which was 10 – 15 minutes and then massaged my face and rinsed it.

My skin did feel smoother, refreshed, I would even say revitalised.

The other two masks I tried was the Pressed Sea Kelp Dead Sea Mask made from real mud, Dead Sea and Sea Kelp which may sound like it won’t smell very nice but it isn’t that bad actually and the Pressed Acai Berries Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque which smells delicious and is made with real mud,  acai berries and avocado. Both of these had the same regime as the first I tried. Cleanse skin, apply mask, leave on for 10-15 minutes, massage face and rinse.  Again I found the masks a little too big but worked around it. My skin was left feeling gorgeous.

Even my husband has commented on how soft my face has been since using them.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks are a great price too at only £1 – £1.49 for a mask.


The Montagne Jeunesse Foot Cooler was a blessing for me. As the weather has warmed up I find my feet getting uncomfortably hot.  Going bare feet does not help, it actually feels like my veins are too hot. Using the Montagne Jeunesse Foot Cooler which is infused with blueberry, spearmint and peppermint my feet felt a lot cooler. All I had to so was wash my feet first, then massage some Foot Cooler into my feet and leave on. I did not need very much of this as a little goes a long way and even when it has all been massaged and the powder left I felt the benefits from it.  I really like this and would definitely purchase it when I have ran out of this bottle. It costs just £4.99.


Finally I tried the Acai Body Smoothie, I do not get many areas of dry skin but there is one spot that seems to get dry all of the time, my elbows. They rub on clothing, computer chair arms and the like so always seem to get a raw deal and they get very sore. The Acai Body Smoothie is designed for dry skin and will help it by adding moisture. It is made with acai berries, pomegranates and cranberries which makes it smell and look gorgeous and like a smoothie. A little of this goes a long way and will last a fair while. I have been added this to my elbows morning and night since getting it and my elbows now have no dry skin so it does work. Although they dryness has gone I will still be applying this daily so as not to get dry and sore again.

The Acai Body Smoothie costs just £6.49 for a 200ml tub.

All of these items can be purchased from the Montagne Jeunesse website.


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