Mess – 365 Project – Day 24


I went out for a couple of hours this afternoon and left my 17 year old daughter at home alone which is nothing unusual, she normally does coursework or messes about on Facebook or YouTube and keeps herself occupied. I walked in and found this mess, well actually that is quite tidy as she saw me reaching for my camera so started tidying it away. Why does she always have to mess things right up before tidying them away. I {Read More}

Heater, Really? – 365 Project – Day 23


So the no heating saga continues. We had a phone call this afternoon to let us know the boiler part was with the courier but hadn’t been delivered yet so we would not have our heating fixed until Monday.  We were asked if we would like some heaters dropped off and I said yes because it is OK for me and my husband to suffer all day in the cold but with it being all weekend with no heating I {Read More}

Moon – 365 Project – Day 22


On my way back from my mum’s this evening I spotted the moon, it looked really spooky hiding behind the trees. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before the clouds came in and the moon disappeared so I am glad I captured it when I did. In other news, we still have no heating, thankfully we did not have another episode with the smoke detector like the previous night. The house is now really cold, door handles, walls, the toilet seat, everything {Read More}

Strange Night, No Heating – 365 Project – Day 21

What a strange night we had last night. If you saw yesterdays post we were left without heating and hot water until the boiler person had come out to see what was wrong with it. They didn’t actually get her til gone 10am this morning so we were left with a very cold house over night. Me being me was not going to sleep in a cold bed and so we had two duvets on the bed plus 2 hot {Read More}

Doh-Nutters Game


We are part of the Ideal Games Group with John Adams which means we get to test and review games and we were really happy when we opened our package to find Doh-Nutters. This is a game that we have seen advertised on the television a lot and the children have asked several times if they could get it. Inside the box is; 4 x Elephant masks with adjustable straps, 12 x plastic doughnuts 1 game board. I knew as {Read More}

Fire Thanks – 365 Project – Day 20


Wow today I wish I had not got out of bed. First I wake up, the alarm clock has not gone off and is blank, thinking I have over slept a lot as it was light outside I ran around like a headless chicken trying to find somewhere that displays the time. It seemed nothing was on my side. I finally managed to wake my husband up and he states it is 7:50am.  Thankfully I can just about get my {Read More}

Guitar – 365 Project – Day 19


My daughter starts her guitar lessons tomorrow at school so when she got home today she practices the only bit of a song she knows, the intro to Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. She is really looking forward to learning more things to play and getting the chords right. It will be great for me and my husband too as she has to practice at home every night it will give us an excuse to get our guitars {Read More}