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Ecollagen 3D+

I love beauty products, especially those that will help evade those dreaded wrinkles. I was offered the chance to try some products from Oriflame, I didn’t know Oriflame was still about as the last time I had actually heard of them was when I was a child when my mum used to buy their products. It is good to know that they are still about as my mum swore by their products.

I received Oriflame Ecollagen 3D+ Deep Wrinkle Corrective Care Tri-Boosting Complex and Ecollagen 3D+ Deep Wrinkle Corrective Eye Care Tri-Boosting Complex.

The Tri-Boosting Complex boosts collagan production, cell renewal and hydration.

The Ecollagen 3D+ Deep Wrinkle Corrective Care is designed to plump out deep wrinkles from within. You apply this on your face and neck in the morning and evening after clensing.

I have been using this for a few weeks now and I must say although I do not have deep wrinkles just fine lines at the moment, the cream has made my face feel a lot smoother than it usually feels like. My face usually has dry patches but since using the cream my face has evened out and there is now no dry skin patches.

It comes in a 50ml pot and costs just £13.95 at the moment instead of £22.45

Ecooagen 3D+

The Ecollagen 3D+ Deep Wrinkle Corrective Eye Care is an eye contour cream which is specially developed for delicate around the eye area. It corrects and smoothes crow’s feet and eye area deep wrinkles.

I have been applying morning and evening and I have noticed a difference around my eye area. It is a lot smoother and wrinkles are less noticable.

The eye car comes in a 15ml tube and costs just £11.95 instead of the regular price of £16.95.




  1. Sharon Davies says

    Hi I’m a great fan of oriflame products I have sensitive skin most products burn or sting around my eyes and cause spots if creams don’t allow my skin to breath but I have tried the royal velvet range the face masks and eccollgen range and optimals creams and none of them sting or give me spots . Now I’m a qualified beauty and holistic therapist and I also do make up for special occasions I will only use oriflame products on my clients and in the spa where I work. Many have asked what wonderfull products where can I but them from I tell them oriflame but now have become a consultant . It’s great to be able to say don’t believe what I say Order the products try them if you don’t like them you can return them but I have never returned any products I have brought and unlike other Dsa companies I totally love the history of oriflame they have tested their products or its ingredients on animals their products are do natural and safe they use human volunteers to test the product! Packaging is Eco friendly all fragrances are also natural so they don’t have remove harmfull ingredients from them they are totally safe very reassuring when my 11 year old son wants some aftershave! I could have brought him ones from elsewhere being cheaper but after finding out many well known companies have used harmfull and even toxic allergens that cause cancer! I will happily paye a couple a pounds more for a really good product that is genuinely safe!
    Thank you oriflame for the wonderfull products you bring us!

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