Online Dating ,can it work? My story

I’m sure you have all seen the online dating sites available both free and subscription based. There are plenty to choose from.

I had been single mum for a fair while, I never went out to meet anyone so decided to take a chance on one of the online dating sites.
So there I was googling free online dating sites, being a single working mum I didn’t want to be wasting money on dating sites as every penny counted.

I joined up to one that I now have found to be quite popular with a lot of single people now and in the past.
As soon as I joined I filled in my profile added my photo and away I went, waiting for people to respond.

I had a fair few responses from pervs lol. My rule before I joined was anyone that mentioned sex within a 10 minute online chat just wasn’t for me as I would seem as if that was all they were after, Which I would say was about 70-80% of the males on the site.

I did get a message from one man though that seemed very different from the others.
Not my usual type muscles shaved head and tattoos and a biker but carried on talking to him as there was something about him. The only problem was he lived about 175 miles away.

We got on extremely well, chatting every morning before work and every evening/night til late.
A week or 2 we decided to meet, He wanted to travel on the train to come up to me as I had a child and it would have been hell going on tubes etc with her when I had never been on them myself and I wasn’t sure if I would get lost or not.

He was here for the whole weekend we had a great time talking getting to know each other, what we wanted from life.
From then on he travelled up to see me every weekend from Thursday to Sunday.

He met my mum and my family they all liked him. Saying he must really like me to travel on the train most of the day to come to see me EVERY weekend.

They were right he did. Just THREE weeks after meeting and on my birthday he got down on one knee and proposed to me. I was besotted with him and said yes.

We had planned on getting married in the Summer the following year.
Just 2 weeks after getting engaged I found out I was pregnant. We were shocked but extremely happy!

He was still living 175 miles away and travelling up every weekend. Although when I had a scare with the baby he rushed up as quick as he could then took me and my daughter to his to rest. so it nudged us into getting married a bit quicker.

We got married on 15th September of that year, just 6 months after we first met, Our wedding was fantastic, it was small with just close family but that is how I wanted it. We were in fits of giggles half way through the ceremony as beforehand he kept winding me up telling me he was going to say “awful dreaded wife” as soon as “lawful wedded wife” was mentioned that was it, I couldnt contain myself, nor could my husband to be, nor could anyone else even the registrar was laughing.

We then started living together as man and wife, he gave up his home and life down south to live with us here.

January 2nd, 9 and a bit months after meeting we had a beautiful little girl. We were so happy.

It has been almost 6 years now and we are still very happy together. Yes we have the odd disagreement, corss word, but never once have we gone to bed on an arguement, We still cuddle, we still kiss when we are going out without the other we still tell each other we love them.

Our relationship has grown and grown and its getting better every year.
I wouldn’t change anything.

So yes online dating CAN work, We are proof.


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