Old Beginnings by Alix Marsh

Old Beginnings

Title: Old Beginnings (The Forgotten Slayer Series Book 1)
Author: Alix Marsh
Genre: Fantasy/Urban Paranormal Middle Grade/Teen
Length: 182 pages
Publish Date: 3rd December 2013

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The first book in Flynn Heath’s magical world of amazing powers, dark demons, a perfectly mundane family at home and extraordinary friends at his new school, which happens to be a Demon Slayer Academy.

Flynn Heath is just an ordinary boy, living a very ordinary life in the perfectly pleasant village of Little Rislin. Until, one day, he mistakenly pledges his blood, honour and soul to a mysterious stranger and before he knows it, he’s enrolled into the finest (and only) demon slayer academy in the country.

But there’s a dark force swimming through the demon-infested undertow of the ordinary world, a king demon shaking loose the shackles that have him bound in Hades. Maybe Flynn’s pledge wasn’t some random mistake after all.

Sometimes, there’s a very good reason for a slayer to stay forgotten.


Old Beginnings is the first book in The Forgotten Slayer series and during the book we get to know Flynn and experience his pledge to be a demon slayer on his 13th birthday and having his world turned upside down from there on in.  He has to leave his family and move into Victor Grey Academy which sounds like a posh school with big gates surrounding it but it is not a normal school at all, no it is a Demon Slayer Academy and every child that is in the academy have also taken a pledge and are demon slayers.

I felt this book an introduction to each character and to get some knowledge of how the pledge works differently for each child and how they descended all which I think is a build up for what will take place in the next book.

I really liked how this was written, I was hooked from the start as I love fantasy and paranormal books. It was an easy read and because it was middle grade/teen it was a clean book.

I cannot wait to read book 2 to see what happens.


Author Bio:

Currently residing in Berkshire, England, Alix Marsh has lived in many places between South Africa and England, including a village very much like Little Rislin. No demon sightings yet, although Alix is always vigilant and prepared.

Old Beginnings launches the first book in the magical, urban paranormal series of The Forgotten Slayer

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