Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate


I was sent a bottle of Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate to try out.  The bottle is a pretty blue colour with a  lavender label. It has a push pump system. Ok so I am getting older, you know 36 is no spring chicken and every morning I look in the mirror and give a sigh I am starting to look old laughter lines, fine lines, puffy tired looking eyes. I need a boost and quick smart. Bring on the Beauty Sleep Concentrate!


This is what it says on the box;

Recharges and replenishes. Formulated to work in two ways. The narcissus and botanical extracts work in harmony with your skin’s night time rhythm to support its natural regeneration.  The calming essential oils help to enhance a restful night.


I have been using this for a week now, I have been applying  3 or 4 pumps of Beauty Sleep Concentrate on my face before bed, after the usual routine of cleansing my skin. I gently massages it into the skin using light upward circular motions like most creams. The cream soaks into the skin fast as to be honest just massaging it in made me feel more relaxed. I guess this is because of the aroma of it and it is a lovely smelling aroma.

Once the cream was rubbed in it was time to sleep and see if  this helped me to sleep all night rather than waking two  or three times like I usually did of a night.

The first night I woke up once but I did nod back off pretty quickly. The following nights I slept right up until the alarm woke me up.

My skin feels a lot softer and smoother. It looks a lot better and the blackness under my eyes have disappeared. My lines are still there but not as visible unless I am smiling or laughing.

I am pleased with the effects so far of Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate, with full night’s sleep, better looking skin it definitely is Beauty Sleep in a bottle.

There are no phthalates, no mineral oils, no propylene glycol,  no parabens,no synthetic fragrances or colours and no silicone,

Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate is available to purchase at Neals Yard Remedies priced at £31.50 for a 30ml bottle, A little goes a long way and it is definitely worth the money.


Disclosure: I have reviewed this products as part of Silentnight’s sleep accessory testing project commissioned by Silentnight Cambridge. Keep an eye out for more info on how to get a good nights sleep!

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