Miracle Gro Flower Magic

Miracle Gro Flower Magic

I love to see a garden with lots of flowers in the Summer and Autumn. Going to a garden centre to buy flowers to cover my flower beds works out really expensive though so when I was asked to review Miracle Gro Flower Magic I jumped at the chance.

Miracle Gro Flower Magic is an all in one flower mix, I received the blue and white mix but there is a multi-colour mix and a pink and white mix. Each come in a 1kg tub and Miracle Gro guarantee beautiful flowers.

Miracle Gro Flower Magic

There are up to 19 flower varieties in the blue and white mix which all bloom at different times.

Amongst the early bloomers are Morning Glorym Cornflower, Alyssum, Californian Bluebell, Chinese Forget-Me-Not and Viper’s Bugloss. They will flower around June/July time.

The late bloomers are Godetia, Love in the Mist, Candytuft, Nemophila, another Candytuft variety and Cosmos. These bloom July/August and August/October.

I had to wait for the cold weather to disappear before I could use this due to the late frosts we were having but finally we have had warmer weather and it has been perfect to plant the seeds.

The tubs lid acts as a pouring device which helps you pour the seed and mix evenly where you want the flowers.

The first thing I did was shake the tub so the seeds and coir mixed well and then I just poured when I wanted the flowers to pop up in the Summer. It really is as easy as that.

I watered them and let the Miracle Gro Flower Magic do its work watering when the coir turned a light brown in colour.


The coir is a super absorbent growing material that absorbs eight times its weight in water and expands around the seeds in a moist protective layer ensuring young plants build strong , healthy roots.

A 1kg tub of Miracle Gro Flower Magic will cover 4 square metres which is a lot!

I will be posting updates on the progress of my flowers throughout the Summer but here is the first photo of my seeds starting to sprout.


You can purchase Miracle Gro Flower Magic from all good garden centres and even some supermarkets RRP £15.00


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