Lottie Pandoras’ Box

We were sent Lottie Pandora’s Box and Pandora The Persian Cat to review. My daughter loves dolls and has previously had a Lottie Doll so I knew she would like this.

Lottie is volunteering at Branksea Animal Shelter, helping look after the homeless cats and dogs. One day a cardboard box is mysteriously left outside the front door with a hungry and frightened Persian cat inside. They decide to name her Pandora. Unlike the Greek myth, where a box brought unhappiness, here the arrival of Pandora is a cause doe joy and fresh hope. Lottie helps nurse Pandora back to health and make sure that her furry coat is kept clean and fluffy.


Lottie is a young teen aged  doll she has long dark brown hair, pink cat shirt, blue striped short skirt with beige and white striped tights, beige and pink coat and boots, pink glasses and a cat hat. We also have Pandora the Persian cat who came with her own little bed, toy, bowl, and food.


My daughter loves to role play with Lottie and looking after Pandora. She sometimes makes out that she has just rescued Pandora and nurses her back to health and sometimes she just likes to play with Lottie and Pandora like Pandora is Lottie’s most treasured pet and she gets lots of love and cuddles.

My daughter has seen another  accessory pack she wants to buy with her Christmas money including Biscuit The Beagle and has also asked for Seren the Welsh Mountain Pony to add to her collection.

Lottie Dolls are International Awards Winners from Loved by Parents.

Lottie is special because she has a childlike body developed by British academics, she doesn’t wear makeup, jewellery or high heels. Best of all she can stand on her own two feet.

You can purchase Lottie Pandora’s Box and Pandora The Persian Cat accessory pack from Amazon priced at £16.99 and £7.99


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