Limited Edition Double Choc Orange Rocky Bars | Review

Limited Edition Double Choc Orange Rocky bars

I am sure you have all seen and tasted Rocky bars before, they are delicious and great in the kids lunch boxes. I was given a pack of 9 Limited Edition Double Choc Orange Rocky bars to try.

Now I say that I was given them to try, my children got to them first as kids do, and left me two to try. They took them to school to have at their break times.

Limited Edition Double Choc Orange Rocky Bars

While there was just two left I decided to try them, I am not a huge chocolate lover so will only eat it when I really fancy it.

Each bar is individually wrapped with different images on them. Upon opening one up I could really smell the orange aroma.

I am a huge lover of Fox’s biscuits anyway so I knew I would like these.

Biting into the Limited Edition Double Choc Rocky bar I was greeted by a chocolate shortbread biscuit that was topped with orange flavoured cream and coated in milk chocolate. It was delicious!

I can see why the children liked them so much and I liked them too so I decided I would hide the last one so the children didn’t eat it.

These are perfect for snacks, lunch boxes, days out or something to have when you feel a little peckish.

The children have asked that I put them on my shopping list so we will definitely be buying more.

They are available only for a limited time in all major supermarkets RRP £1.59 per pack of 9 bars.

For more information visit the Fox’s website or visit their Facebook page


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