iPieces Peppa Pig iPad Game

iPieces Peppa Pig Game

My 5 year old loves Peppa Pig and she is starting to use the iPad apps with more confidence everyday so when we were asked if we would like to review the new iPieces Peppa Pig iPad game I couldn’t refuse as I knew my daughter would absolutely love it.

When the game came it was packaged in a plastic container with 4 round characters, Peppa Pig, George Pig, Suzie Sheep and Danny Dog. There were also instructions in the box.

Now before you can start playing you will need to download the app from the app store this is a free app.

Once we had downloaded the app we chose the character we wanted to be. It was just myself and my daughter playing.

Obviously my daughter chose to have the Peppa Pig counter so I chose to have Suzy Sheep.

The game is fantastic, you play it just like you would a board game but it is on the iPad and when you land on different places you also get to play mini games too like Muddy Me where you have to wash your character and there is a balloon popping game as well as others. The sounds are just as they are on the Peppa Pig tv show.

Now to tell you the truth I was a bit worried about my daughter banging the counter down on the iPad screen too hard and breaking it but thankfully she knows not to bang it and just move the counter nicely. Luckily the people who made the iPieces counters also thought that young children would be playing with them and made the counters out of strong and durable abrasion-resistant material which does not scratch the screen.

Since the counters come in a small plastic box you can easily fit it in your bag and if you take your iPad with you on long journeys or friends and families houses where you know your child might get a little bored you can set them up to play the game where ever you are.

My daughter really loves playing the iPieces Peppa Pig game and I enjoy playing it with her too, it gives us some time for just us to play.

Since she liked this game so much she has also asked me to buy some different ones so she may just have another one for Christmas.

Suitable for children aged 4+

Available now with prices starting from £9.99, from Tesco, ASDA, WHSmith, Toys R Us, John Lewis, Play.com, Amazon UK, Carphone Warehouse and other good retailers.


  1. Ruth Hill says

    My daughter probably wouldn’t like this game–she probably would figure she is too old for it. But had she been younger, it would be a definite possibility. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    What a neat idea! Immie is only 7 months, but I can’t wait to be able to play games like this with her. I haven’t heard of the show Peppa Pig, I’ll have to check it out. Great review…very thorough!

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