In the Beginning

Fertility diariesIt has been over six years since my husband and I decided to try for another baby. Our plan was to try almost straight away for another child as it would be nice for Skye who at that time was 9 weeks old to have a sibling close in age as my other daughter is 9.5 years older than her.

As Skye was our first child together and I fell pregnant within weeks of getting together we thought it would take a maximum of six months to fall pregnant again. Even with the vasectomy reversal.

Boy how wrong could we be. After around 4 months of trying my periods went haywire they were so heavy and I would bleed for a week, it would stop and then a week later another heavier bleed. So after six months of this I bit the bullet and decided to see my doctor.

I am sure he thought I was being stupid but he did take blood and did a test on anything and everything and once those results came back clear I was referred to the hospital to have an ultrasound and see a gynaecologist.

This in itself worried me, why was I bleeding so much. Surely my body was almost back to normal by now. Was there an underlying problem, fibroids, endometriosis or something worse?

I had to wait a few weeks have the ultrasound and was so nervous I was shaking. I am one of these people who go with thinking of the worst case scenario, yes I know it is silly and I should be optimistic but I like to prepare myself just in case.

My husband came with me to my ultrasound and thankfully everything was looking normal and I was sent home.

Two weeks later was my gynaecologist appointment. I remember her being a very pretty Indian lady, probably no older than thirty and she had another lady with her, a nurse or assistant I don’t know but this one made me feel really uneasy.

The doctor listened to everything I had to say, she made me feel like she cared which in my experience is quite rare as they usually hurrying you up and do not really want to listen.

She prescribed me Tranexamic Acid and said if it carries on to book an appointment to see her again.

These tablets did help as I only took them when my period was really heavy and it did lighten them. It seemed like everything was getting back to normal and so we carried on trying for a baby.


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    Thanks hun, this is only the start of my journey so far lots more to add so keep checking back. Will prob post next part next week x

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    I loved reading this but I too always think the worse in most cases, especially in these circumstances. I had tears as I read this. Thinking positive thoughts for you that this happens for you. Also keeping you in my prayers.. I always have a hard time expressing myself. .

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