I Love Girls Nights In

Woo WooWe all love a girls night, but what one do I prefer? Well I like nothing more than a girls night in. Why? That is a simple question to answer, I like the creature comforts of being at home. I can eat as much as I like as the girls know me, I can drink as much as I like because I am usually at my home or not far from it so do not have to really worry about getting home.

What other things do I like about a girls night in hmm well I like the fact that you know when you sit down to watch a film together and you get about half way through and you really need to pee? Yes, I am sure we have all been there! With a girls night in, rather than going out to the cinema you can put the DVD on pause. The only problem with this is once one goes they all want to go so you are waiting around ten minutes for us all to finish before getting back into the film.

Another thing I like about a girls night in is that you can talk without struggling to hear what each other are saying and without shouting over background noise and super loud music and can talk about anything as no one can overhear what you are saying. So if you want to vent about an ex you can!

I seem not to be the only one though as Ladbrokes Bingo recently stated in a survey they conducted that 66.25% (1325) of ladies prefer a girls night in over a girls night out with their biggest appeals being that they can wait in the warm if they need a taxi and there are no sleazy men to deal with.

Funnily their survey also uncovered that just 12.15% have been to or held an alcohol-free night in, although half the fun is getting drunk with the girls in my opinion. Especially when you can make your own cocktails, it is fun trying to find your favourites, Yes we know how to party hard on a girls night in but may be you shouldn’t have too many cocktails unless you want a headache in the morning.

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    I have no girls with whom to get together, so I say a girls night in makes sense. Either that or I go out by myself. I have never had many friends. But I think a night in is much better, cozier, safer, and cheaper!

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