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We teamed up with Ladbrokes to celebrate the launch of their new western frontier slot game as was sent some items for a Wild West Party Night at home, I knew as soon as I saw the items it was going to be a fun night for us. My children are fifteen and six, both girls but I knew they would like it just as much as me and my husband.

The items we received were a Popcorn maker with a bag of kernels and popcorn boxes. Toy Story triple pack (Toy Story 1, 2 and 3). Cowboy hats, neckerchiefs , stick on moustaches, a Cowboy recipe book and cowboy confetti. So we had everything for that perfect Wild West Party Night.

 Wanted Wild West Party Night

First we dressed as cowboys. Well I say that but it was only my six year old and I that made the effort to wear the hat neckerchief and moustache while my husband and my eldest daughter were just laughing at us. We then started with the cowboy lingo, Howdy Parter, and yeehaw was muttered several times.

Wanted Wild West Party Night


It was time to make the popcorn which takes just a couple of minutes put it in the boxes and we were ready for our Toy Story marathon.

We have all seen the Toy Story films before but they never get old or boring. We had lots of laughs as the films are brilliant for both children and adults and everyone laughed at me at the end of the night when it was time for me to peel off my moustache, gosh I think half of my top lip went with it haha.



  1. Nicole Becker says

    What a fun night you had!!! My granddaughter would love to dress up like a princess and she is only 2 years old!! Priceless!!

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