How to make bedtime easier

How wonderful would it be if kids were keener to go to bed rather than messing around most of the time? Some parents are lucky but for others getting the kids to bed can turn into a real challenge every night. The main tip is to try to control the environment rather than the kid by creating a bedtime routine that is both a fun and relaxing experience. Here are some ideas to help make bedtime a pleasure for both children and parents.


Shorten the nap time

All kids need to take a nap in the afternoon in order to load up their batteries again. The length of the nap mainly depends on the age of the child but it always best to keep it short so that your child has enough time to spend all this newly acquired energy before going to bed. Kids need to stay up and awake long enough in the afternoon to feel sleepy and naturally welcome a blissful sleep when bedtime is approaching.


Create a bedtime routine

Consistency is the key here, paediatrics say that kids need to respond to rules and routine as this provide them with an element of predictability and then a feeling of security.  Once the sleep routine is set up, your kid will know what to expect and when to expect it.  It is advisable to make the bedtime routine last up to 30 minutes and to stick to it. It can be anything from taking a hot bath to aid relaxation, to simply reading a goodnight story every night.


Create a sleep environment

In order to create a perfect bedroom environment favourable to sleep, a good habit is to start dimming the lights about one hour before bedtime which will indicate to your child that night time is fast approaching. Also consider keeping the noise down by turning off all distractions such as TV and computer games. Lastly, in order to create a cozy bedroom, you can install some lanterns, soft and coloured lights as well as comfortable bedding.


Create a comfy bedroom

Consider furnishing your kid’s bedroom with funky pieces of furniture such as a novelty bed shaped like a race car or a princess carriage bed. This will add more fun to bedtime, encourage creativity and also make your kid look forward to going to sleep!  Also make sure your childrens mattress is comfortable enough and the bedding soft and breathable in order to ensure the best night’s sleep.


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