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I love to learn and when I was offered the chance to review two courses that High Speed Training had to offer. I could pick which ones I would like so I chose Business Writing Skills and Sales, Pricing and Marketing Skills.

The site has lots of different courses available and like the site name suggests they are high speed meaning fast learning, the courses range from 10 hours to 45 minutes.

The first course I did was Sales, Pricing and Marketing. It is online training and the duration of the course is 3 hours.

The course explains the basics for developing effective sales and marketing strategies. It outlines different pricing strategies, how to undertake successful market research and it also highlights the essential marketing skills needed for businesses to achieve their aims.

The course is suited to small business owners or even people looking to start a small business.

There are individual units in the course and you go through each one. Each unit has both audio and written pieces which I think is good as some people when reading cannot take things in so audio is better for them.

At the end of each unit you are presented with an exercise which consists of a question which you tick the box you think is the right answer.

Once you have completed all of the units you will be presented with the final assessment which again consists of questions and multiple choice answers. There were 15 questions. If you do not get all of the questions right there is a chance you will not pass the course but you can retake it.

I passed mine and here is my certificate.
High Speed Training

The second course Business Writing Skills, this course’s duration was 2 hours.

This was more intense than the first course I did and it dealt with grammar, spellings, punctuation, but also how to address emails, letters and all of the basics when it comes to writing for a business whether that be through email, writing minutes or letter writing.

This did baffle me at points because of the adjectives, verbs, nouns, active and passive voices which I don’t think I was taught that at school but once I had heard and read about them it was fine.

This course would be suitable for anyone who is in business or has to write anything. Poor grammar and spelling can make or break you in the business world. One tip I did learn was do not rely on spell checkers as sometimes they do not pick up your spelling errors, especially if you type house instead of horse or something similar so proofread before you send!

I passed this course too and here is my certificate.

High Speed Training


I found both course full of useful information and I know that they will certainly help me in the future.

Each course that I took cost £25 + VAT and they are a CPD Accredited Course.

Once you complete your course your certificate is sent the next day.



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