Hello Kitty and Friends Books 1 – 6 | Review & Giveaway

My six year old daughter loves Hello Kitty and reading so she was delighted to be sent Hello Kitty and Friends Books 1 – 6 to read from Harper Collins.

Hello Kitty and FriendsThe first book in the series is called Hello Kitty and Friends The Friendship Club.

When Hello Kitty starts at a new school, she’s super-excited! There are lots of clubs to join but Hello Kitty an her friends decide to form their own – The Friendship Club!
But can the friends agree on the rules.

This was a great little story that tells how the Friendship Club started and how Hello Kitty and her friends had different likes and how they managed to incorporate them into the club. That rules may be needed but sometimes just one rule applies. Sometimes your way might not be the way everyone wants to follow and when it comes to friendship sometimes you need to compromise.

In the back of the book are fun activities like making your own Friendship Club Membership Card.

Book 2 is called Hello Kitty and Friends The School Trip.Hello Kitty and Friends

Hello Kitty and her friends are going to the adventure park on a School Trip!
but Fifi isn’t as excited as everyone else.
Will she tell her friends what she’s scared of before it’s too late?

Another great story in the Hello Kitty and Friends series, this time the friends go on a school trip but why is Fifi so quiet, she is usually the bravest out of the friends. This book teaches you that it is ok to admit that you are afraid of something to your friends and they will not think any less of you. It also teaches you that you can do something if you put your mind to it and have the support of your friends.

At the back of the book are activities such as how to have your very own nature hunt.

Hello Kitty and FriendsBook 3 is called Hello Kitty and Friends The Summer Fair.

Hello Kitty and her friends are helping out at the Summer Fair!
They all like different things, and have different ideas.
Can they work together to make sure it’s the best day ever?

This story is about friends helping out at the Summer Fair, Hello Kitty and the Friendship Club all had different ideas for stalls and couldn’t agree on one stall so they all decided to do different stalls that represented their personalities. Hello Kitty then saves the day . The activities at the end of the book are about planning a perfect sleepover and a sleepover checklist.

Whether you all like the same things or like different things a good friend will like you just the way you are and there is no need to change yourself.

Book 4 is called Hello Kitty and Friends The Pop Princess.Hello Kitty and Friends

Hello Kitty’s dreaming of being a Pop Princess!
She wants to learn a Friendship Club dance for her favourite band’s concert, but her friends are too busy!
Will she tell them how much it means to her?

Hello Kitty wants to be a pop princess but her friends seem too busy  with football practice, nature club, ice skating lessons to learn a Friendship Club dance routine they would never learn it in time.
But it all works out well with two great performances that leave Hello Kitty very happy. Remember you can tell a good friend anything.

Activities include making up your own dance routine.

Hello Kitty and FriendsBook 5 is called Hello Kitty and Friends The Wedding Day.

When Hello Kitty and Mimmy are asked to be bridesmaids, they can’t wait for the Wedding Day!
But when disaster strikes, can the Friendship Club step in and save the big day?

The Wedding Day is obviously about someone getting married, but disaster strikes in the form of the brides new kitten ripping down the bunting and making a mess in the marquee. Luckily Hello Kitty and her friends are there to makes things better. Because good friends are always there when you need them most.

The activities in the back of this book  include making paper chains and bunting.

Book 6 is called Hello Kitty and Friends The Beach Holiday.Hello Kitty and Friends

The Friendship Club is going on a Beach Holiday!
They’ll have lots of fun together.
But Tammy’s brother Timmy loves to play tricks.
Will his mischief get in the way of it being the best holiday ever?

When Tammy’s brother Timmy starts attention seeking by playing lots of tricks he gets in to trouble on their beach holiday. Good friends do not need to show off to each other! Activities in the book include write your own story and making Hello Kitty’s Summer Punch.

Each Hello Kitty and Friends books are great stories about friendships that children aged 5 + will really enjoy.

All of these books are available at Amazon.co.uk priced at £3.74 each for paperback books.



Hello Kitty and Friends

I have been given one set of books 1 – 6 in the Hello Kitty and Friends series to giveaway to one lucky reader.

Open to UK & Eire Residents
Ends  Midnight 1st September  2013

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: I received these books for free in exchange for an honest review. The review is my own personal opinions and not influenced in any way.

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    Hi Granny Chris would like to say I love your 6 book give away
    with three grand children running round It would be nice to have an excuse to sit them down.
    Let us read Hello Kitty ‘ got their attention and their sitting pretty.
    But once this little book ends, these three little cherubs are no longer friends
    Lets find something else for their distraction Go Go Granny get into action.
    With 5 more books for another day Phew!!!! “Off you go kiddies out to play!”

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