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My children love Haribo and we are planning on having a lot of Haribo Easter Fun with some great Easter gifts.

We were sent a few Easter gifts from Haribo to review. Haribo Easter Fun bucket is a bucket with 32 mini bags of Haribo Chirping Chicks sweets. They are perfect for hiding for an Easter egg hunt and you can use the bucket to collect your bags of sweets or Easter eggs at an Easter egg hunt.  We have a large garden so if the weather is nice we will be doing an Easter egg hunt. Both of my children enjoy hunting for the treasure, even my fifteen year old!

Inside the bucket as well as having 32 mini bags of Chirping Chicks sweets there are 4 great ideas on how to use your bucket once the sweets are gone. I am sure one of the children will find a good way of reusing it.

The bucket weighs 512g when filled with the 32 mini bags of sweets and costs £4.00 exclusively from Tesco.


You can also get a Haribo Hunt pack which includes top tips for your Easter hunt such as hide mini bags in advance to stop children spying on the locations. It also includes signs which you can download and hang near the treasure locations, a rabbit, and chick and lamb fun mask to colour and cut out.

Footprints that you can print cut out and place for clues. There are also clue cards which are a fantastic idea and the children can actually think about where their prize is rather than searching endlessly.



Twist ‘n’ Stick is a great fun treat for the kids, It is two boxes on top of each other, the top box has a face on each side and the bottom has a bottom on each side, all representing an animal which is Easter themed. My daughter loved to twist this to make the correct animal but also to have fun making silly animals such as a duck bottom and rabbit head.  There are also goodies inside the boxes, in one box there was 2 mini bags of Haribo Chirping Chicks and a bigger bag of Jelly Bunnies and in the other box were 2 mini bags of Haribo Chirping Chicks and a bigger bag of Tangfast-Chicks but that is not all, there are also stickers that you can stick onto the animals, sunglasses, shoes, hat and much more.

Twist ‘n’ Stick  weighs 224g and costs just £2.50 and are sold exclusively from Tesco

SAM_7165 SAM_7167

Haribo Starmix with Eggstras has to be my favourite because I love Haribo eggs. I think it is a great alternative to chocolate eggs with a 100g bag of Haribo Starmix inside and 100g of Haribo Eggstras from Starmix and is perfect for those that get too many chocolate eggs or cannot eat them for one reason or another. The box is similar to an Easter egg box too.

Total weight is 200g and costs £2.49


The final Haribo Easter Fun product I received is Haribo Chirping Chicks. The box looks like a hen house and it has pictures of windows with chicks on nests. There is a door on the front that we pushed open and it revealed lots of min bags of Haribo Chirping Chicks but also pop-out characters which included the famous Haribo bear, a chicken, a chick and a fluff ball chick. My daughter soon emptied the bags of sweets out of the hen house so she could put the cardboard pop-outs into the box so the animals could live in it.

This is another great alternative to an Easter egg and fun too.

Weighing 224g it is available exclusively from Tesco and costs £2.50

Haribo Chirping Chicks mini bags are portioned controlled fruit flavoured and sweet foam gums.

I think that Haribo has exceeded my expectations of them this Easter and we will definitely be having some Haribo Easter Fun this Easter with the great range of gifts and treats.




Disclaimer: I received a selection of Haribo Easter Fun products in exchange for an honest review.



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