The Ginger People Gin Gins

I was sent some The Ginger People Gin Gins to try out and review. Now we all know that having some kind of ginger when pregnant helps with morning sickness but ginger can help with so much more than that. It has been documented that ginger helps mitigate the pain of arthritis by reducing inflammation.  Herbalists like ginger, renowned  for its cleansing effects on the body by removing toxins and restoring the body’s balance and it is loaded with virus fighting substances including ones that fight again cold viruses. Ginger increases digestive movement through the stomach. It also helps with motion sickness and soothes menstrual cramps for the cramps alone I am willing to take it!

So with all that said I what are Gin Gins like? Well there are a lot of different types of Gin Gins available I was sent four different flavours to try.


The first ones I tried was The Ginger People Gin Gins Ginger Caramel. They are made with a Boost of 30% fresh ginger. The ginger caramels are individually wrapped and are around the size of a pound coin the sweet itself is soft and chewy. you can taste the caramel and you get a blast of ginger, like a strong ginger nut biscuit. I think they are really nice. They have a long use by date on the boxes too. A 31g box costs £1.45


The Ginger People Original Gin Gins chewy ginger candy were the next ones I tried. They are made with 10% fresh ginger. These are chewy candy as stated I would describe it as chewing chewing gum but more rubbery. Again the ginger is strong . Each chew is individually wrapped. An 84g box costs £1.99


The next ones are The Ginger People Double Strength Hard Ginger Candy. These are made with 16% fresh ginger and are aboiled sweet.  These are nice as I do like boiled sweets and they last a while. The ginger isn’t as strong in these as the others. Each sweet is individually wrapped. An 84g box costs £1.89


Lastly I tried The Ginger People Hot Coffee Gin Gins chewy ginger coffee candy. These are made with 10% fresh ginger. They are darker than the original Gin Gins chewy ginger candy. They do taste of coffee and are nice. The ginger is again strong and has a kick to it. Each chew is individually wrapped. I received a 42g box although not quite sure on the cost as I couldn’t find these in store.

My favourite  of them all were the ginger caramels and the double strength hard candy.

You can buy these from Holland and Barratt.


Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. The review is my own personal opinions and not influenced in any way.

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